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March 19, 2011 / flogginwater

Another Photographic Trip Down Memory Lane – PIC INTENSIVE

Some more of my happy memories, most of these are from this year, a couple are not…



Kay’s punkinseed

A really hungry, ambitious pond gillie

Some neat small pond bass

Popper caught gillies

Tyler’s “Huge” bass. Snagged, no less 😛

Another one of Tyler’s “Huge” bass – also snagged. Kid just could not hook these monsters IN their mouths…

Tyler finally gets something bigger than his lure…

And then another…


Another Gunga special minnow from the outside in…

Asleep at the wheel? I think not – that’s a tiller not a wheel!

The wife and another punkinseed

Kay’s uncle Harold – his first fishing trip in a few years. Much fun was had by all.

A mess of bullhead (and a few crappie) from Takhenitch


Takhenitch Lake – September 2010

A Takhenitch trout that found it’s way back to camp…

Crab bait!

Breaking camp 😦 — black socks with sandals is a damn good look, no matter what anyone else says.

Another small bass – the first fish caught with my steelhead rod… had to break it in some how. Why not on a bass?

Salmon fishing on the Wilson with the wife couple seasons back

Some random dude fishing from his drifter out on Hagg

Tyler and his brother at the Trask on a steelhead quest

The old man with a stringer of Hagg trout that were mortally wounded. One cut red – the others looked like mushy whiting. Crab bait, anyone?

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