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March 29, 2011 / flogginwater

Just saying hello…

I’ve been looking at my Blog’s stat’s page – just to see what it said – and I was surprised to see where some folks are checkig in from – hello to my virtual friends in Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Belarus, France, South Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, and Germany. Thanks for making my blog International in attraction.

I’d also like to say hello and thank you to my public followers – all six of you – and any lurkers out there.

And lastly – I’d like to point out a few of the new blogs I’ve added to my official reading list – blogs I’ve read off and on, or new blogs I’ve just found and have gone through voraciously – like I do a new book or magazine. Some really good authors out there! The Blog Cabin Angler, Fisherbabe, Owl Jones, Flowing Waters, and Dub The Thorax just to name a few. I know that’s not everyone on my blog roll – just mentioning the newest additions.

Happy Tuesday all. Till next time, tight lines!



  1. nimrod243 / Mar 29 2011 19:34

    I don't actually drink, but I'm glad to be part of that six pack! We're rockin' with you, buddy.

  2. Mel / Mar 29 2011 21:01

    Very happy to be a follower of your blog and to have my blog on your blog list. Thanks for the acknowledgement. Good stuff here on your blog.

  3. Mark / Mar 30 2011 00:41

    Thanks guys!

  4. Dustin's Fly Box / Mar 30 2011 16:02

    I really enjoy your blog, I have been reading through it all. You got a new follower

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