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March 30, 2011 / flogginwater

Quick updates

Hey all – just wanted to let it be known that I’ve gone back and added some new photos to a couple old posts – Finally Went Fishing Again and Panfishin’ both have a few new photos added in.

You guys might also notice a few of the design changes I’ve played around with – moving a few things around on the page, and I’ve also added a couple things – first up is a link to the Outdoor Blogger Network – if you haven’t already checked OBN out – please do. Also, at the bottom of the page, you might notice I’ve added a small section called “Companies I Like” – these are companies whose products or services I personally endorse as being top notch. I am not getting paid to link to their websites, nor have I gotten any free gear from them. I put links to their websites up for those who may want to check them out – as I pimp them a lot, on line and off line.

Look for a couple more Technique Corner postings soon.

Till then, tight lines!

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