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April 2, 2011 / flogginwater

Why Do I Blog?

Although my blog hasn’t been accepted into the official rolls of the Outdoor Blogger Network – their recent writers prompt – “Why We Blog About Our Outdoor Life” – inspired me to write this entry.

I wouldn’t say I simply write just about my outdoor life – I write about my life. This particular blog is one of a few I have. Writing has always been a passion of mine – and a catharsis. Writing in general has a way of letting me, at least temporarily, work out some of the stresses, the anger, the frustrations of my life. It also allows me to share my joys, my goals, my passion with others in an easily understood manner.

My brain and my fingers normally work in much closer harmony than my mouth and my brain – I can bang out long winded paragraphs that go into detail on a topic fairly quickly – it would take me forever to actually put together the right words and phrases if I was speaking out loud – and I’d probably find myself having to fill a lot of pauses, or using the word “um” a lot, or just simply tripping over myself. Spoken word is not necessarily one of my better gifts – but the written word is. I can share myself, my ideas, my expressions in crystal clarity – written words are as close as I can come to sharing exactly what’s in my head, without using some sort of telepathy.

I’m not saying I’m completely lacking in conversational skills – but tongue can’t hold a candle to my fingers when it comes to expression. Writing also allows me to reach a wider audience – which means potentially more people to share my pain, or thrive on it – and more people whom I may provide some educational or entertainment benefit to. I have loved writing almost as long as I have loved fishing. I wrote my first novel manuscript when I was in high school (sadly, it was erased many years ago, and the only printed copy I ever made was destroyed by my ‘coauthor’ – who didn’t contribute much to the book, aside from opinions and criticisms.) I learned a valuable lesson from that endeavor – co-authors and collaborators are fine for technical writing – but they generally suck when you’re trying to write creative fiction. It’s much easier to tell a story when you don’t have someone else trying to tear it down or make you delete parts of it.

And so I blog here – to let the words out of my head, to share with the world the little droplets of knowledge I keep locked away inside me, to make you laugh, to make you cry – or just to help you kill some time. It works out to be a perfect counter balance for me of greed (my desire for my works to be read by others) and generosity (sharing of knowledge and laughter with others).

I will continue to write this blog until I’ve nothing left to say, or until it stops being a cathartic outlet for me. Until then, enjoy the ride with me, eh?


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  1. Mel / Apr 2 2011 18:22

    Well spoken 'er I mean written my new blogging friend. I have enjoyed your blog since becoming a follower recently. Looking forward to more of what your fingers and brain are collaborating on!

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