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April 4, 2011 / flogginwater

Some pix of last week’s gift…

Took some pix of the gear I was given last week. Also, I bought a new fly box to house as many of the flies as I could – I fit about half, maybe a little more than half of them, in the new box. 227 flies in the box. 150-200 left in the Plano boxes… got to buy another fly box!

I also didn’t realize the soft side plano binder had a second zipper closed pouch on the back – I opened it up and discovered a slew of hooks and more drop shot weights. I moved all of my worms, worm hooks, and sinkers into the Plano pouch – now all my soft plastics (save for my trout magnets) ride in the soft side Plano carrier.

And I moved the crank baits from the big box w/ the top water frogs into my normal crank bait box. Now, between the soft plastics soft sider, and my handle-equipped big plano box – I can just grab these two boxes and be ready for bassin – or I can just grab one of the case if I want to focus on hard baits, or focus on soft baits.

I thought I had all of my fishing rod needs covered – but now, with the addition of some of these baits, I realize I am seriously in need of at least one more rod – I need a 6′ or 7′ stiff baitcasting outfit, as that’d be the proper rod to fish those top water frogs, and some of my heavier jigs and larger soft plastic baits.

Got a few small cranks in all that bass gear, so I have a couple more trout-sized crank baits now.


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  1. brandon4455 / Apr 4 2011 09:10

    very nice. i like the flies.

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