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April 5, 2011 / flogginwater

Jonesing for a New Rod! is having a new contest – giving away a new flyrod – from the Rise Fishing Company, Check their website out, What a guy! Actually his contest has a few items – first place winner gets the Rise 9′ 6 weight rod, an Allen fly reel, a hat, and some Rise decals. Second place winner gets ad space on, and a Rise decal, third place winner gets a Rise company decal and a hat. Nifty!

So head over to, check out the rules, then head to his FishHeads Forum and sign up yourself. Make sure you’re a blogger yourself though – that’s part of the rules…

I could always use another rod – especially a good 6 weight (trout, bass, and summer steelhead, and small carp on one rod!). So I’m definitely entering the contest. I’m in it to win it baby!

In other news…

I spent the better part of what little free time I had earlier today organizing all of my tackle – from fly to bait gear. Fly boxes were sorted, the chest pack was loaded up as a dedicated trout/panfish fishing grab & go item for the season (loaded up with fly boxes, jig box, and the small blue plano with my spinners, cranks, and some trout magnet jigs).

Bass tackle, as I mentioned before, is now largely concetrated in either one of my plastic large Plano boxes, with the build in handle, or the plano soft side binder case. Salmon/steelhead gear was put into one of the day packs. I’ve got a little more sorting to do, some new spools of line that need put on rods… I’ve got a little more work to do (heh, I say work, even though this process in itself is kind of fun for me.)

My goal of getting everything reorganized, is to be able to just grab & go for a specific type of fishing. If I want to fish trout – just grab the chest pack, and either a fly rod, a spin rod, or both. If I want to go bassin’ – grab the two plano rigs and a rod or two and boom – out the door. If I’m chasing the big silvery fish that don’t really exist – I’ll grab the day pack, a couple of my heavier rods, and a healthy dose of Self Punishment – and go stand in frigid water all day while some tackle execs and “fishing” writers sit in their nice warm offices laughing at me, and those like me out there chasing mythical fish.

Last week I cleaned and treated my fly lines, built up some new leaders, and got rods prepped for the upcoming fishing. I’m really hoping my son is born soon – One: Daddy wants to finally meet the lil’ guy, and 2. – Daddy wants to go fishing again!

I’ve tied up a hundred new flies over the course of the last two weeks, organized those into boxes, or given some of them away, tied up 20 or 30 new light jigs, a couple heavy bass jigs, and done anything else I could not to go stir crazy. This suspense is killing me!


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  1. Mel / Apr 6 2011 20:17

    Boy, I sure hope you get into the winners column over on Owl's blog. You have sure put the effort into it. Flies, Poetry, and blog promotion should count for something! BTW, hope the little one comes soon and all is well!

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