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April 7, 2011 / flogginwater

A NON Contest Post (I know ya’ll are probably getting a bit sick of them!)

The wife & I stopped by our local Goodwill this evening. I like checking the Goodwill stores in the area – sometimes you can find some neat, good gear there. I’ve kicked myself a few times for not buying some of the GOOD fiberglass rods I’ve come across (i’ve got a thing for GOOD glass rods). I have been more lucky though – in finding some good back packs/day packs there – and today was no exception.

I found a good condition Pacific Trail pack – olive canvas, with two medium-sized mesh pockets, LARGE main compartment, and a secondary pocket large enough for a big fly or lure box and some leader spools. The flap covering the main compartment has a small zipper compartment built in to it, that can hold a wallet and car keys, or other small items that are fairly flat. The back is padded, as are the shoulder straps, and the main flap is a nice thick piece of genuine leather.

Some of the zipper pulls are broken, and one of the claps for the main flap needs repaired, or replaced, but overall it’s still in good, usable shape. It’s clean, it doesn’t smell (always a plus!) and it’ll be fine for a fishing back pack. I like the heavy canvas bags more than the cheaper, lighter nylon type bags. And it only set me back $3.

We also stopped off at Jo Ann’s Fabrics, in search of some safe safety-pins to use with the cloth diapers we’re going to use with our son. Surprisingly, it’s hard to find good safety pins these days, but we found some at Jo Ann’s. I also picked up some shiny, copper colored metallic thread and some black pom-poms to throw in the tying materials box.

In other, non fishing/gear related news – Kay had another doc appointment today (before our shopping trips) – mom & baby still doing well, docs still have no clue when he’s really coming, but they say mom “isn’t quite ready yet”… stubborn child! We’re hoping he comes soon!

I’ll get some pix of the new back pack up as soon as I get her fixed up and outfitted for fishing.

BRING ON SPRING! Bring on the fish!


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  1. Cofisher / Apr 9 2011 14:18

    Anyone who admits to liking glass is a friend!

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