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April 7, 2011 / flogginwater

A Short Fishin Trip…

I hit the water today with my nephew, Tyler, for a few hours this evening. He wanted to try carp fishing again. It was cold and very overcast – winter is still not giving up just yet. The water was high, muddy, and cold at the pond we fished (Bethany Lake) near Beaverton.

This is a place that I’ve done very well with carp before – though it’s more known to the locals as a put & take fishery, and it gets most of it’s pressure after the stocking truck has made it’s run. It’s too shallow to have the trout survive well in the summer heat – there’s no real current flow, despite having a creek run into and out of it. It gets very weedy and algae filled during the summer, and the warm water fish are the only ones that survive in numbers. Not that the trout have much a chance anyway – given the typical armada of power bait and worms they must face shortly after being stocked.

Today we hunted the majestic common carp! Weapons of choice today were primarily spin rods, light line, and my carp setup, as I’ve written about before. Bait of choice today: Albertson’s house brand wheat bread – 99 cents a loaf.

Got a few hits – mostly little bobbles and nibbles – not carp bites. Not sure what they were – panfish, I am thinking.

I switched things up a bit for a while, and tried fly fishing, using a #6 olive rabbit strip leech.

You can see me sporting my home made T-shirt, which also pimps out the Rise Fishing Company website as well. πŸ™‚ More points for me! Woot!

I fished the fly for about half an hour without nary a nibble or half hearted strike. The day was drawing to a close, and a gentleman fishing a little ways down the bank was leaving, and offered us what was left of his worms. I gave in to the temptation of trying the night crawler, and readied one of my spin rods (I took the new Okuma, and my Diawa today, trying to get some fishy mojo on them) – I started getting better strikes. I did finally hook up with one fish, for a few seconds. Got it to the top of the water where a massive head shake literally threw the hook back at me – the hook & corkie narrowly missed my nephew’s face by inches!

That was the last good bite of the day. We fished about twenty minutes longer, but got the skunk. Wasn’t a bad way to kill the early evening though! Came home to a hot supper, so I couldn’t ask for a better day off – except for maybe finally having my son join the world. That’d be kinda cool πŸ™‚

I can’t wait for warmer weather!

And that new Rise Fishing Company 6 weight would be great for carp hunting on this pond, and out on the Columbia where the carp feed on the flats, like big brown bonefish…


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  1. troutman brook / Apr 8 2011 17:36

    Well, I don't have any fish pictures to show, so here's my cat.

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