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April 7, 2011 / flogginwater

RISE-ing to the occasion

One of the contest tasks was to send an email to Rise Fishing, then post their response on your blog – so I did. First is my letter, followed by their response!

Hello Rise Fishing!
You guys have an awesome product line going – and I’m glad that I’m in the running as part of the contest over on to giveaway one of your Level series 6 weights. That rod looks great, I hope I win it so I can fish it and spread the word of the Rise Fishing products. I was wondering – do you folks have plans to add lighter rods to your In Stream series? Maybe something in say, a 2 weight rod?

Thank you for donating money from your rod sales to conservation projects – it’s really cool to see a rod maker care that much about the resources we love and use, instead of being solely focused on making money. You guys are great. Keep it up!

Mark McKenzie
Hillsboro, OR

and their response

Good luck!
We are adding three weight, but that’s it for now.

Amanda Switzer
Cell: xxx-901-2xxx

Please note, I “x’d” out Ms. Switzer’s cell phone number, since it doesn’t seem kosher posting someone’s phone number on the internets where millions of people have potential access to it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some videos I have to go make, to regain my points-lead in this contest!

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