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April 10, 2011 / flogginwater

Another Non-Contest Post! (I swear, I’m getting help!)

Hellooo again, wonderful wide world of fishing enthusiasts! I have, again, managed to write another post this week that is NOT simply post-whoring for the Owl Jones flyrod giveaway (okay, that sounded post whorish).

While I don’t have another BIG, technique-filled post like some of my previous entries, I’ve got some more pictures to share with ya’ll.

First up is a few more pictures from my recent outing with Tyler, my nephew (who just started his own blog, which I’ll link to later).

Here’s Ty, tossing lures after tiring of not getting any bait bites for carp:

the water we were fishing – Bethany Lake (aka Bethany Pond) near Beaverton

Very cold, muddy, and nasty. Fishing will get better with warmer weather.

Here’s a good one (as good as we could get, with my camera, and the darkening skies) of me in mid-cast with my flyrod:

You can see the rod loading there, and in the next one we see it fully loaded, just as I start the forward cast. I really love fiberglass rods! Notice how much it flexes, almost all the way down to the cork 🙂

I also have some good pictures of my new Goodwill score – a sweet Pacific Trail canvas backpack. This thing is monsterous – much roomier than any of my old day packs. I fit 2 big plano boxes, plus that big plano soft side tackle binder in the main compartment, and had room for 2 more of the big boxes if I wanted, or I could stuff in a light weight poncho, lunch, water bottles, line spools… that main compartment is just plain cavernous.

I could really get in to the habit of carrying too much crap with me with this bag – like I’ve done before with other packs. That’s one reason I *tried* getting away from the back pack tackle bag approach (that, and I lost ALL of my tackle, save for a couple fly boxes, a few years ago when my home and vehicle were broken into. I had ALL of my terminal tackle/lures in a Coleman canvas daypack. It was one of the only things stolen. Bastards.)

But I’ve decided on a new approach this season – I’m rigging up different bags for different types of fishing. The Pac Trail bag has my bass & panfish lure containers – and it’ll see some of the heavier leader spools tossed in. When Tyler and I go to the Oregon Fishing Forum’s unofficial official fly fishing get together in June, I’ll pull the bass gear out, throw my fly boxes, chest pack, and spare clothing in this thing and be set for the long weekend. Otherwise, the trout gear and fly gear will live in the chest pack, and my salmon/steelhead gear will live in the gray sling style daypack. This way, I can decide what I’m fishing for, and how I’m going to fish – and just grab a pre-assembled gear kit, a couple rods, and hit the road.

I don’t have to carry all of this:

in one bag anymore – and I won’t have a sore back and shoulders just from hiking to the water, or back to the car with such a load in a daypack. I’d rather get a sore back & shoulders from having to pack back a brace of hatchery steelhead or salmon that run into double digits each…

I also have a new fishing hat or this season (hopefully longer) – my old oil skin hat got squashed, washed, and thrashed one too many times, and it had to be retired. Until I can find a suitable replacement oilskin, this new hat will have to do. I bought it spur of the moment at Walgreens, of all places. They were having a hat sale, 2 for $10 – so I bought one for me, and one for my nephew.

Generally, I hate camo as general fashion. I’ve got a hard line that says camo is for soldiers and hunters – and looks stupid just walking around town in (unless you’re a solder, or a hunter that’s just run in to town for supplies, or stopping on your way out for supplies). This hat, however, looked good to my eye. Since I’m only wearing it as a fishing hat – I’ll break my own rule. You won’t, however, see me dawning a full on BDU set in urban gray camo to go fishing – unless I’m fly fishing in the middle of Kosovo, which really seems like an idea that wasn’t thought through fully.

It is a nice light weight hat, and does serve it’s use as a sun shade (okay, so it was overcast on the day I tried it “in the field”) and should deflect wayward flies well enough. Time will tell though. Still not a bad hat for $5, and certainly will be a good backup to whatever oilskin I wind up getting as my primary fishin’ hat.

And, as I said earlier – here’s a link to my nephew’s new Blog – The Tyler Tucker Outdoor Experience – his pages should fill up as we venture forth this coming fishing season. Hopefully we can get some pix of dead, large, hatchery salmonids up there on his page (and mine!) this year.

And hello to my readers in China, Germany, France, and other far-flung (from the USA) locations! Spread the Floggin’ Water word – and help me take over the fishing world! I promise to be a benevolent Supreme Angling Emperor 😉

Till next time, tight lines!

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