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April 10, 2011 / flogginwater

Bass Flies

In anticipation of the arrival of honest to god Spring, I whipped up a few prototype bass flies. Some might be called bugs, some might not. I’m not overly concerned with terms for them – I just want to catch some big fish with them!

The first one up is a top water bug – it utilizes olive grizzly saddle tails, along with some wild orange rubber legs, and more olive grizzly hackle palmered under a bright yellow foam shell, the head of which forms a foam bill, so it will dive and wiggle when twitched or pulled. When you stop, it should pop right back to the surface.

Next is a sinking bug, tied with a white marabou tail, grizzly soft saddle hackle, lead eyes, and yellow foam shell, with a head that flares upward, to make it push water and wiggle. I used oversize hackles to really make this thing look alive.

Then there’s the black surface fly – it’s like a giant foam beetle, with twin saddle tails.

Then I made a similar fly, with rabbit fur tail strip, and lead eyes, so it’s a sinking bug.

I’m also working on a foam frog of sorts – but it’s still a work in progress. I’ll get pix of that one up when I finish it.

Have I mentioned lately, that I’m ready for the winter cold weather doldrums to go away, and let warm Spring weather take hold?

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  1. brandon4455 / Apr 10 2011 20:57

    very nice flies mark, those look like they would slay the bass.

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