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April 11, 2011 / flogginwater

Baby’s on the way!

Just a quick post – we went to the doc today for a regular check up for Kay – and they decided to induce labor, so she shuffled us over to the hospital right away, where we’re at right now. She’s all settled in, hooked up to her IV’s, and they’ll be giving her the first dose of medicine soon to get the ball rolling. Next 24-48 hours are going to get really interesting, really quickly…



  1. Cofisher / Apr 11 2011 18:58

    Good luck! Now for sure you won't be sleeping anytime soon.

  2. Mel / Apr 11 2011 21:10

    Best wishes to the wife and you and that new little angler. Waiting to hear the news and see some pictures.

  3. John Montana / Apr 12 2011 19:02


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