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April 19, 2011 / flogginwater

My Part of the Owl Jones flyrod Contest

Wow, it’s been a pretty interesting contest so far. It started out with me pushing hard to get into the lead, like the Road Runner zipping past Wiley Coyote, the first week of the contest I was the far and away leader – BUT THEN a couple contenders – like Troutmanbrook, and funcfish got serious and put a hurtin on my lead, dropping the Acme Anvil on me, then they blew by me. I had to break down and make a video showing my bewbies online – how scary! My nipples are now on the internet for the whole world to see! OMG how scary! The only solace I take – I wasn’t the *FIRST* one to put my manboobs up on the net – that distinguished act goes to FuncFish – who put his moobs up online first. I’m not sure which one of us has bigger moobies at this point – it might be a tie, or I might have a slightly large rack than he – but without side by side comparison, who knows! I have yet to see Troutmanbrook’s bewbies -though he’s been a busy boy with other aspects. I suspect he has a case of Acme Dynamite in his closet, ready to blow us all to smithereans.

Owl has really made us work for this rod – and I know I’m no longer in the lead – though I hope I’m close! I really, really hope I can win this rod. It’d be really awesome, and would be really neat to some day pass such a nice rod down to my newborn son, when he’s ready to begin fishing. I can just see him now, stalking a flat on the mighty Columbia River, an olive woolly bugger in one hand, that 6 weight Rise flyrod in his other, hunched over like Elmer Fudd, carefully hunting his wabbit – then he spots the tell-tale tail poking up, he makes one false cast then lets the fly hit the water- BAM! A 10lb carp grabs the fly and heads for Washington! ZZZZZZZZZZING! The Allen fly reel sings as the carp peels line off – the boy parries the rod, turns the fish, it’s a MIGHTY battle, but in the end, the boy named after Captain James Tiberius Kirk stands victorious, and raises the carp over his head like He-Man and smiles for the picture his Papa snaps, before letting the mighty fish go to battle another day.

This contest has been fun – and I can’t wait to see how it ends. Owl has us switching gears from getting points through strange tasks, into writing essays – so look for some neat essays in the future 🙂

Thanks for this contest Owl – even if I don’t win it, it’s a real kick in the pants!



  1. Cofisher / Apr 19 2011 18:20

    I hope your son gets the rod passed down to him.

  2. troutman brook / Apr 19 2011 20:56

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. troutman brook / Apr 19 2011 20:58

    i believe i have the best rack.

  4. Mark / Apr 20 2011 00:28

    lol, I guess someone so inclined could make overlays of the videos, to really see whose rack is bigger. I just hope there's not a wet T-shirt (with the OJDC address) contest during Owl's next give away contest. That'd be…awkward?

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