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April 22, 2011 / flogginwater

A little video…

Made this for the Owl Jones fly rod give away. There is some question regarding if it’s going to be in the running to get scored – as there’s a bit of confusion over the due date of the video. Either way – I took the time to make and post it.

I warn you – it’s goofy – it might not make a lot of sense, but if you laugh, leave a comment so I know it was worth doing!



  1. Cofisher / Apr 23 2011 10:23

    Did I laugh? I'm still laughing. Clever man.

  2. Mel / Apr 24 2011 12:59

    You are one committed “dude”. Hope it all pays off in the end. Funny video!

  3. Mark / Apr 24 2011 14:37

    I'm keeping every body part crossed I can that this pays off… I can't wait to see what the final essay entry is going to be about.

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