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April 23, 2011 / flogginwater

Carpe Carpio – Seize The Carp!

Thursday was a fun day. I got an afternoon off from Dad duty to go fishing. Dropped the wife & baby off so they could get some Grandma time. I picked my nephew Tyler up, and we headed back to the pond we tried on Monday, where I almost lost a rod to a big carp.

That fish Monday broke me off with 6lb line – honestly a first for me. I decided to go all overkill upon my return. I stopped by Fisherman’s Marine on Wednesday and picked up a spool of 50lb Tuff Line, and spooled it up on my steelhead setup. I also picked up a few 1 oz pancake weights – also a departure for me, since 99% of the time I’m carping, I use no weight. Unfortunately, I can’t cast something with no weight on my bait caster, and I wasn’t ready to try the braid on my spinning rod just yet. Also, after seeing some hair line carp rigs on the Oregon Fishing Forum, I figured this could work.

I didn’t rig up an honest to god hair line, I tied the 1oz pancake to the main line, and then tied a leader of the 50lb Tuff Line to weight’s eye, and to a #1 Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap hook – like I’d normally use for drop shotting.

Bait of the fish’s choice this day was my go to sandwich bread pressed tightly around the hook. We’d been fishing for less than 10 minutes when I got a good hit – and a solid hook up. Tyler stewed a bit over my fish – he really hated getting skunked twice in a row – and he was sure he’d get skunked. I tired explaining the need for a positive outlook, but he had his mind set on being negative. So I caught my fish, and he wound skunked.

My first and only fish of the day was a “baby” carp – maybe 3lbs or so. I didn’t get a hero shot, because I honestly thought we’d catch more, and bigger, fish. We didn’t. That was the only fish of the day, and I released him without taking him out of the water. Tyler got a few cool shots though – one of me fighting the fish, and some shots of the fish in the water.

We left that pond early, so Tyler could go see the new Fisherman’s Marine store (he’d never been). We had fun walking around the toy store for a while, before heading to Commonwealth Lake to see what we could get.

There were no fish to be had for us at Commonwealth, but there sure were a LOT of people. Found out that the lake had just been stocked a couple days before, and was going to be stocked again, for a disabled children’s fishing derby this coming Saturday. The south end of the lake was almost standing room, shoulder to shoulder only. There had to be two hundred anglers fishing all together for the puny little 8-10 inch hotdog trout.

I will never, ever chase the stocking truck if I can help it. Just not my bag.

There were lots of cute ducklings, there were a LOT of ducks and their ducklings, and we got some pix of one little clan.

It was a good day over all. Sad that Ty didn’t get into the carp, but we’ll fix that later.



  1. Cofisher / Apr 23 2011 10:24

    Nice post. I wish (no I don't) I could get into carp fishing. but I guess I'm just a fly fishing trout snob.

  2. John Montana / Apr 23 2011 17:37

    Nice job. That is a good spot to get out to locally, I wish the fish were bigger. I landed a 10 lber a few years ago but most of the fish seem to be inthe 2-6 lb range. They are getting really tough to cath on the fly. They have seem everything I have to offer!

  3. Mark / Apr 23 2011 21:46

    Cofisher – just wait till you get a carp on a dry fly 😉 I've taken carp with a fly rod, but have yet to actually get one on a fly (unless you count sandwich bread on a #4 octopus hook a 'fly') – MUCHO fun.

    John – how 'good' is the fishing in the first pond? We only had a couple bites both trips – and only got that one fish so far. I've only seen a few fish rising – not sure what they were – carp, panfish… I'm not sure what's in this pond, aside from the carp. You ever catch anything else there?

    I would think fly fishing for the carp would be difficult there – given the dirty water conditions.

  4. John Montana / Apr 24 2011 22:29

    It used to be great, but over the years the fish have gotten reallynspooky. Now, they spook at anything and it is really hard to get them to eat a fly. Decent local spot, but the fish don't get too big there…I have a good time taking the kids there. We can usually catch a couple of fish but 2-3 lbers mostly.

    I saw a sturgeon in there one time. Then a week later found it dead on the bank. Someone probably released it in there.

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