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April 24, 2011 / flogginwater

A Floggin Water First

Okay, with the Owl Jones contest winding down, I decided to put this up. For a while now I’ve been planning the first ever Floggin’ Water Fly Giveaway. This contest is running concurrently with a similar one that I started on the Oregon Fishing Forum.

Okay, so what’s involved, you’re asking? Do I need to strip naked and run through the quad shouting ‘Floggin Water Rules!’? Do I need to spam post every fly fishing forum on the internet spreading your word and gaining support for the eventual takeover of the angling world by ME? Nope!

You DO need to bust out your fly vise though, and find some creative tying materials. “What do you mean, creative?” – I mean stuff you don’t normally see or think of when you think or see flies. Things you wouldn’t normally use for fishing at all. It can be as benign as dryer lint, belly button fuzz, the hair off your grandma’s head… get wild with your flies. Then when you’ve made a fly, using at least one non-typical material prominently in the fly, go fishing with it. The tier who catches the largest fish between May 1 and June 1st with their fly, will receive two dozen flies from

“There’s got to be more to it than that!”

You’re right, sort of. There’s a couple more things:

1.) The fly MUST be a subsurface fly (no dries in other words) – ie: a nymph, wet, or streamer.

2.) The fly may be no smaller than a size 10

3.) You MUST take a close up photo of the fly and post it on your blog, along with a complete recipe for tying the fly.

4.) You MUST take two photos of your prize catch, one close up with the fly in it’s mouth, then another of you holding the fish, or if you never fish with a buddy – of the fish laying against a tape measure.

5.) You must include a link to Floggin’ Water in your submission postings.

To enter the contest, simply reply in comment form to THIS posting with a link to your blog post with the pictures of the fly, fish, and the fly’s recipe. You may enter as many fish submissions as you want – the largest fish submitted by June 1, 2011 will win the flies.

Spread the word – and get to crackin on those funky flies!

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