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April 24, 2011 / flogginwater

Getting down to the wire…

The Owl Jones / Rise Fishing contest is really getting down to the wire. I’m nervous – I’m not sure, at this point, that I’ve really got a strong shot at getting that rod. Troutmanbrook just really blew by all of us with his 7 buddy blogs – putting him 2500+ points ahead of me, and I was in second place. Then Owl had a sneaky super short term bonus points thread yesterday – and both TMB and MyLeakyWaders snatched up 1000 extra points. I was 45 minutes too late in finding the thread to play (shucks!).

As it stands, with their extra thousand points, TMB is sitting on 6770 points, and MLW is 2855 points – knocking me down to third place with my 2265 points. My only hopes at winning the rod at this point is to sweep the Bonus Video task for 2000 points, and take first place with both essays, and hope that TMB has a couple writing hiccups and doesn’t pick up 2nd place with them. 7000 points would bring me to 9265, and my best hope would be that MyLeakyWaders got 2nd place in both essays (or really, anyone BUT TMB) and wound up with 5855 total points. Troutmanbrook will take this contest if he places first in any of the final three scored tasks, as no one could come close to him points wise if he does. Really intense competition with the three of us! We all have done as much as we possibly could to win this rod – and the internet has at least three extra manboob videos out there now – which, hopefully for our dignity, they don’t go viral and wind up on Tosh.0 or something!

This contest as been really fun, if not strange at some times. I hope Rise Rods and Owl Jones can do another one of these in the future, so those of us entrants who don’t win can have another shot at one! They look like super rods!

I wish my two main competitors – Troutmanbrook and MyLeakyWaders the best with this competition – I know whichever one of us wins this thing will deserve it, and they will really appreciate the rod and slay some fish with it!

And I bet my regular readers will be glad to have all this contest nonsense over with so I’ll get back to more ‘normal’ postings. I’ve got some technique and gear reviews that I need to get done, and with good weather approaching, I’m going to get out a bit more and get some more fishing trips in, which means more stories and more photos!

Thank you to my readers for putting up with me, and thanks to Owl for hosting the contest – tight lines to all!



  1. Cofisher / Apr 24 2011 19:54

    I know it's nice to win, but it's great to be in the hunt. Good luck.

  2. Mel / Apr 24 2011 20:18

    I have enjoyed and supported what you have done to make a run at the top in this contest. Even if you don't win, you have gained lots of blog support for your efforts.

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