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April 30, 2011 / flogginwater

Yar, Ye Land Lubbers Cry – I Bes A Sea Man Again

Or, sort of. Thanks to a nice return of overpaid taxes to the Federal government, I was able to get a couple new toys today. First – a 14 foot Coleman “Scanoe” – a square transom canoe. This will have added to it a Minn Kota electric motor very soon. Got a great sale price on this thing. Can’t wait to get it wet! Thursday is probably going to be her maiden voyage 🙂

Other new toy is more of a joint new toy for the wife & I – our computer has been acting up for about a month, and the battery life has tanked (we’re lucky to get 20 minutes with the thing w/o being plugged in before she just dies), the USB ports didn’t really want to work all the time, and it was just getting a bit…slow. So we took a little more of that wonderful tax overpayment return and got ourselves a shiny new Acer Aspire with a 17″ wide HD screen. This thing is schweeet! Windows 7 Home Premium, Dual core Pentium CPU, 4GB of RAM, DVD super drive, and 320 gigs of hard drive space – yeah, I’d say she’ll scoot quite a bit faster than our old machine. This HD display is also SUPER bright, and all my photos just POP a lot more than they did on the old machine. I am seeing detail I never saw before, just by seeing them on the HD screen. Schweeeet.

Wife’s birthday is coming up next week, got to get her something really nice and special now, since she ‘let’ me get a new watercraft… what to get her?



  1. Mel / Apr 30 2011 18:59

    Good to hear the tax man did you and your wife good! Will wait to see some of those pictures. The tax man sliced and diced me. (:

  2. Cofisher / May 2 2011 18:18

    Yeah, he has it in for us old folks. Enjoy!

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