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May 3, 2011 / flogginwater

And with that – it’s finally over

The contest on is finally over – I took third. Am I disappointed? A bit – I had a big start – but then stalled out for a few reasons. Then an amazing pair of contestants really kicked things into high gear, making me get my butt into action. I didn’t get points for everything I submitted, but them’s the breaks. Third ain’t bad – and the competition was really fierce. Congrats to both Troutmanbrook – the winner of that pretty new 6 weight, and MyLeakyWaders, the runner up.

I can honestly say I’m glad it’s over and I can refocus my energies back to my normal blog posts 🙂 Thanks again to Jeff (Owl), and the folks at Rise Fishing for making the contest possible.

If you folks are in the market for a mid-range rod (which I’d call anything over $200) give Rise Fishing rods a look – they donate 20% of their profits to conservation efforts, no other rod maker does that.

And now back to our regular blogging…


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  1. Owl / May 5 2011 21:36

    Thank you for participating. And don't feel bad, no one got the points for every single task they tried. We made it tough, but that's what happens when you've got $350 worth of gear on the line! I'll be getting with you soon about your prize and where to mail it, etc….oh, and by the way…

    you've just been made the fourth inductee into the OJDC Hall of Fame because you stuck it out and gave it your all(when you could – we understand “real life” stuff! 🙂 )So… Congrats!

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