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May 10, 2011 / flogginwater


The economy need not worry about me not doing my part to stimulate it. Until the other night – I did not think that impulse buying was possible on the internet. Then I hopped on the Cabela’s website, looking to see what toys they might have that I couldn’t live without – not honestly expecting to find one. I always check up the fly fishing area – mainly to see if there’s been any improvements or price changes in their Three Forks series of rods – as one of my favorite fly rods of all time was a 3 piece, 7′ 6″ 3 weight Three Forks rod. It was my first truly “nice” flyrod – the first one I bought that had an honest to god wooden reel seat, nice uplocking hardware with the recessed hood in the cork, nice thin, light blank… that little rod & I had some adventures, and caught everything from farm pond bluegills to wild cutthroat trout to largemouth bass upwards of 5lbs (what a rush!). I worked that rod like a dog, and it never let me down. I wish I could say the same of it, but we don’t go there right now.

Anyway, I was surfing the Cabela’s website, and noticed 2 things:

First, they were having a Free Shipping promotion – buy any fishing rod from them, and shipping for the rod is free through today (the 10th).

Second, they slashed prices on some of their rods to 50% off. I noticed their Wind River series of rods was on clearance. The Wind River rods are supposed to be the step up from the Three Forks series. They’re multi part rods, mostly medium weights, but there was a neat 4 weight in the line up – a 4 piece, 8’6″ 4 weight to be precise. It hollered my name. For $44.99 it was too much to pass up (I’m bad, I know. I could’ve waited and bought that nice little TFO rod at the local fly shop, and I will, but not this week), given the regular price of 89.99. A rod in that price point should be roughly in the neighborhood, quality wise, as my much loved WW Grigg made North x Northwest 4 weight. Both rods are built on moderate, IM6 graphite blanks. IM6 graphite isn’t as high strung and tightly wound as the more modern IM7, IM8, and IMX graphite blends – and rods made from IM6 tend to be a bit better when it comes to knocking around in boats, and over rocky banks. They will also withstand fly impacts better than their stiffer, thinner, more modern cousins.

I’m a sucker for light rods – and the thought of a $45.00 4 weight travel rods just was too much to pass up. God knows what I’m going to do for a reel and line for the thing right now – I don’t have a spare reel properly sized for a 4 weight. I don’t even have a spare 4 weight line sitting around. I really want to fish this rod at the upcoming Oregon Fishing Forum Fly Fishing get together on the Santiam in June. I’m thinking a trip to the fly shop will be in order for a new reel and a line for it (no matter what, I need a new line, so…)

I could take the 6 weight line off the Argus – it’s roughly the same weight and diameter as my Ross (ok, the Ross is lighter) – so it should balance fine with the 4 weight. But then, what am I going to fish the 6 weight on? My two glass rods perform best with the #6 line. Do I pull the DT5 off my Okuma reel, put the 6 weight on that, and fish a 4 weight line on the Argus? Ach! Decisions!

The best option is just to get a new reel, and stick a new line on it. I’m going to break from my double taper habit, I think, and put a WF 4 floater on the new 4 weight. I’m fishing a double taper 3 on the NxNW right now – and it is a great dry fly rod for close work out to about 45 feet. Going with a heavier 4 weight line, in WF taper, should allow me to fish heavier flies like nymphs and streamers better. And being a 4 weight, it’ll still be plenty delicate for dry fly fishing. Oh how I love dry flies 🙂

For giggles in the back yard yesterday, I played around with lines and rods a bit. I came to the conclusion that neither one of my 5/6 weight fiberglass rods particularly likes throwing a DT3 line – but the Eagle Claw would actually cast it out to about 35 feet. The down side, was that anything under 25 feet didn’t work particularly well. Trying to push to 40 feet left piles of line on the grass. Who would’ve thunk that a 5/6 weight rod wouldn’t play well with a 3 weight 😉

Also for grins, I threw my WF6 line/reel onto my 4 weight rod – and was amazed at how lovely that combo was to cast. It was honestly slow motion casting, you couldn’t power stroke that setup, because the casts would collapse, but I just made a nice deliberate cast and let the rod do it’s thing, I could gracefully cast 45-50 feet of line with ease, as well as lay down short casts without issue. It was like watching the slow motion scenes in A River Runs Through It – just watching the line unroll in the air, straightening out behind the rod, then watching the line unroll in front of me. I’ve got to try fishing that setup some time, just for grins. I think it honestly might be a good teaching tool too – I can let my nephew try it out so he can FEEL the casting stroke, and get the mechanics of the cast down.

For the record, I still suck immensely when I try casting with my left hand/arm. Suck suck suck suck suck. I can cast over my left shoulder with my right hand just fine. My left hand is just too retarded to figure out that whole casting thing it seems. Must work on that.

I’m itching to fish. I still feel like crap. I’m having dreams at night of chasing big trout, and big bass with a flyrod. And here I thought it was going to be the Season of the Jig – heh, we’ll see I guess.



  1. Mel / May 10 2011 20:18

    Aww, more fishing “stuff”. You are a lot like me. Hopelessly, addicted to fishing gear of all kinds. Have fun!

  2. Cofisher / May 10 2011 21:22

    You don't even want to hang around me and a computer. If you need a reel and line, buy some cheap stuff on ebay to hold you over until you come to your senses or can afford what you really want.(that's how I got started on ebay)

  3. brandon4455 / May 11 2011 18:40

    hahaha. remeinds me of myself when i actually have money. i have the 8wt wind river rod and it works great. you won't be disapointed

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