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May 15, 2011 / flogginwater

Passing it on

I think one of the duties we have, when we become an “experienced” angler, is to pass on our knowledge, our experiences, and the art of fishing to those just beginning – especially those in a younger generation. While I don’t have nearly the years pounding the water as even some of my readers, I’ve been flogging the water to a froth for going on 27 years now, and I think I have learned a thing or two about fishing, even if it’s “wrong” 😉

In that vein, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the last year with my 18 year old nephew, Tyler. Tyler is about as gung-ho a fisherman as anyone I’ve ever met – it’s really cool to see someone his age passionate about fishing like I was, and am.

Ty is becoming a pretty damn good fisher in his own right. He’s starting that progression that a lot of us eventually have come to – going from bait fishing, to gear fishing, to wanting to learn how to fly fish. I’ve taken that duty upon myself to help him learn.

Ty comes from a…different… background than some folks. His parents both battled demons of a chemical nature for many years – his mother never has stopped (though Ty, and myself, are proud that his dad has been clean and sober for the better part of a decade now). Ty has been in foster homes at times, and finally wound up living with my sister (his aunt) since just after Christmas last year. What a difference that’s made for him! A stable, normal home life that lets him be more of an 18 year old than he could be before.

It also lets Ty enjoy things like fishing more often. We fish together at least once or twice a month – sometimes much more. Ty is going with me to the OFF fish-in the first weekend of June, and as an early graduation present, I passed along that neat little Eagle Claw 5/6 weight rod, along with a reel and a good DT5 line to him. Now he doesn’t have to spend what little spending money he has on a rod, reel, and line – he can get other things he might need or want – flies, lures, books, whatever.

It really makes me feel warm and fuzzy seeing someone passing their knowledge on to youngsters, or even other adults who’ve never picked up a rod & reel before – and makes me feel like fishing isn’t a dying sport.



  1. Mel / May 16 2011 06:41

    All of us fishing fanatics should take responsibility to do as you have done. Take the younger generation fishing. Introduce them to something other than hi-tech games and gadgets. Fishing is a way of life.

  2. e.m.b. / May 16 2011 06:49

    What a great story! I am relatively new to this sport as well, and I have benefited from the wisdom of many an “old-timer,” and have been embraced and encouraged by everyone. Fly fishing is an amazing community — Thanks, to people like you!

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