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May 16, 2011 / flogginwater

Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy

Okay, so I’m kind of happy today. Mother Nature didn’t gutter slam us with a surprise blizzard, and the UPS Man – sneaky ninja that he is – deposited my brown cardboard tube clad present on the porch this morning at 10:09AM – at least according to the email I received from UPS.Com. I was actually sitting and reading blogs when it happened – and I had to tear into the package before Mr. Brown was even back to his truck.

I bet he wasn’t a mile down the road before I had the new rod unwrapped, and took it out to the back yard to try casting it.

Mounting my Argus 5/6, that I’ve loaded up with the Cortland Rocket Taper WF4F line I talked about in my last couple posts, I did my standard backyard gear tests. I started off casting short, the leader plus a couple feet of fly line – to see how it would do. What I found surprised me – this rod isn’t as wiggly and slow as my WW Grigg made North x Northwest 8′ 4 weight. The Cabela’s rod didn’t cast just the leader quite as easily as the Grigg rod. That’s OK though.

So the next thing I did was strip off about 15′ of fly line, to see how it did at the long edge of short-range casting. Now the rod was starting to feel right – it was loading up on the back cast, and unrolling the forward cast nicely. OK, so lets push it out to 25 feet of fly line!

At 25 feet, the rod really hit it’s stride, loading up perfectly, you could feel the rod flex into the butt on the back cast, and unroll very nicely on the fore cast.

Finally, I stripped off 40′ of line and tried pushing the rod – 40′ took a little effort, but that could’ve been partly because I’m still getting used to this rod. Double hauling actually produced a worse cast with this rod than just a plain jane cast w/o the haul. OK, this is definitely a rod that I need to let do the work itself.

I would describe this rod as a medium-fast action, medium power. It’s definitely got more in common with a 5 weight rod than it does a 3 weight. Speaking of 3 weights – I wanted to see how it would cast with the 3 weight double tapered line I normally use with the Grigg, so I pulled the Argus reel off, and mounted my Ross.

The Wind River didn’t like casting just the leader with the 3 weight anymore than it did with the 4 weight line. 15 feet with the 3 weight was also not much fun – it took a lot of effort to get the leader to straighten. 25′ of the 3 weight seemed to be the sweet spot – enough line out to finally start loading the rod. Trying 40 feet of the 3 weight surprisingly didn’t cast as well as I thought – despite the fact that 40′ of the 3 weight line probably weighs at least as much as 25′ of the 4 weight line. It could be the fact that the 3 weight is a delicate, long tapered double taper line, whereas the 4 weight line I’m casting is that Rocket taper, with short front and rear tapers, with a fat, 40′ belly. That means the 4 weight gets it’s weight out quickly.

My initial impressions of the Wind River 4 weight? It’s a sweet rod, when matched with a 4 weight line. It’s not as slow of an action as the Grigg, you don’t feel it flexing down into the cork nearly as well. This rod would probably perform just as well with a #5 line as it does the #4, and does not seem to perform nearly as well with the #3 line. It’s a good 4 weight rod for sure. Being a 4 piece travel rod, it really has a nice action, and will pack away nicely for trips where space is at a premium.

It’s going to make a great panfish rod – this rod feels like it’s got enough oomph to fish small poppers and hair bugs with, while still having enough delicacy to fish dry flies, and emergers. It’s got back bone enough to nymph, and should cast my #8 bunny buggers or woolly buggers just fine. It’s a great addition to my fly rod family!

I need to get this rod wet soon! Maybe Thursday…



  1. e.m.b. / May 17 2011 07:13

    O Happy Day! 🙂

  2. Jeff / May 17 2011 18:42

    Most excellent and gnarly, new gear rocks.

  3. Jeff / May 18 2011 16:39

    Thanks for following me, I am now following you…

  4. e.m.b. / May 18 2011 16:40

    Thank you! Glad to have you reading, and I am glad to be reading yours!

  5. Mark / May 19 2011 00:13

    Thanks guys 🙂 New rod fishes nice – I finally got it over some water for a little while this afternoon – going for a more serious trip tomorrow, should get some fish tomorrow on it!

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