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May 20, 2011 / flogginwater

New Look – and Another Trip

I got bored tonight and started playing around with the look of the Blog just a bit. Let me know if you love it, hate it, or feel indifferent. If there’s elements that could stand changing, feel free to pipe up – I might change them, I might not – but feedback is always good!

I wish Blogger allowed for a few simple editing changes – such as honestly being able to set alignment for certain items, without having to dig through template HTML… I’m not sure I’m terribly happy with Blogger at this point – but I haven’t spent enough time goofing with WorldPress to know if it’s any better, or if I should just stay where I’m at.

Aside from goofing around with the blog’s look, I should mention a bit about Thursday’s trip. I was originally going to get together with my buddy Jason, but last minute – my wife and my mother wanted to go to the lake too – so instead of getting together with Jason, I went with my family. Took the canoe, we took a portable playpen/baby bed, couple nice chairs. Found a nice shaded spot that was pretty sheltered from the wind to set up base camp from. It’s normally a decent enough bank spot for bait fishing, and close to water that is normally good lure fishing for bass & bluegill from bank, and close to the creek channel for some good trout/bass fishing.

Little dude did really well for his first fishing trip (well, he didn’t fish, obviously, but there was much fishing going on near him) – and Mommy really loved the short time she was able to slip away with me in the canoe while Grandma watched the little man. The canoe did really well with just me in it – and even better with my wife in it with me.

The water was really high, really clear, and really cold. Horrible fishing conditions for the fish I was after. I didn’t even see any fish in the shallows, except for dead yellow perch. Must’ve died during their spawn. No sign of other fish. To say it was a disappointment is an understatement.

I did get to give my new Cabela’s fly rod a good workout though – I started off with a dry fly hoping to dredge up some panfish. Then I went to a bead head damsel fly nymph. Then to a standard soft hackle wet fly. Finally ended up trying a weighted bunny bugger, size 8. The new 4 weight did great. With everything but the bunny bugger, the casting was unlabored and graceful. Casting the bead head was a bit ugly, but I could still put it out about 30 feet, which is fine since the canoe let me get close to the cover, and shouldn’t have spooked the fish – if they were there. Damn things weren’t home though.

I also took the Grigg fiberglass 5/6 and tied on one of my size 4 deer hair bass poppers. No luck on that either.

The weather was great – low 70’s, little breeze. Blue skies. Only thing that could’ve made the trip better was actually seeing or catching some fish – but we all had fun anyway.



  1. Owl / May 21 2011 02:36

    1. It's looking really good. I'm diggin the b$W background.
    2. WordPress is more complex, but better IMHO.
    3. Blue skies? A fishing killa.

  2. Cofisher / May 21 2011 08:26

    I kinda like the look. I like going for unique because so many look the same. It's fun to play around with and seeing what the limitations are. If you haven't done so yet, could you do a little review of the Grigg?

  3. Mark / May 21 2011 14:43

    Thanks Owl, and Howard.

    I was dinking around with photoshop and some of the gear and fishing photos I've taken, just to see what kind of neat stuff I could come up with. I was getting a bit bored with the lake background – it's a beautiful pic, but a bit…dreary. I've got to try to get some good background/desktop shots this season. It doesn't help that Blogger lets you use photos upto something like 1600×1100 resolution, but then it can only be 300k in size. Those don't go hand in hand well unless you crank down the image quality, or use a solid color background or something.

    The current background is my attempt at a tenkara style fly (basically it's a bushy hackled dry fly with no tail and a black thread body) clamped in the jaws of my vise. The title banner is a small carp I caught last year or the year before.

    And yeah, blue skies can be a fishin' killa – but not always, especially with the lake in question, but the delayed spring we've got seems to be doing more of a job putting the fish off than the cloudless sky.

    And lastly, I can certainly write a review on the Grigg, I can do one for both actually.

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