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May 22, 2011 / flogginwater

No Rapture – So Here’s Some Photoshopped Pix

I forgot to post this last night. Silly wabbits in Kalifornia were wrong (who’dathunkint?) and there was no Rapture. Heh. So in celebration of the status quo, enjoy some pictars thut eye mayed wit duh foto chops!

Here’s a couple pix from my other major passion (aside from writing) – tae kwon do. These were taken last year at a tournament, by my friend Ryan. I was competing in the Men’s Advanced Blackbelt Breaking division – I took first place with a combination speed break followed up with a power break. Didn’t get pix of the power break, but Ryan got the speed break, which was a knife hand strike through a 1″ pine board I held myself with my off-hand, followed immediately by a spinning hook kick that was held only on two corners by one person. These were technique & speed demonstrations rather than power demonstrations. My power break was through 6 1″ thick pine boards with a turning side kick.

Been practicing (with a few years hiatus) since I was 9. I plan on passing down my knowledge in this field to my son as well.


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  1. e.m.b. / May 22 2011 18:51

    Very cool…pictures and practice!

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