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May 23, 2011 / flogginwater

A Little Free Time Lately = More New Flies

Over the last week or so, I’ve stolen an hour here, an hour there, and managed to add some more flies to the already too-large arsenal. I’ve got enough flies to honestly last me years and years if I didn’t replace them as I loose them, unless I get a really hot & heavy season and I really honestly loose a bunch. I might honestly loose a dozen or two flies a year – I try to be careful with my casting and fish playing – most of my lost flies are donated to the Tree Gods. I’m sure some fly fishing Druids revel in this.

But I love tying flies, and I wind up giving a bunch away now and then, or cutting up the uglier flies to tie nicer, newer ones.

Here’s a few I’ve tied up in the last week or so…



  1. e.m.b. / May 23 2011 07:15 those first two especially! The barred coloring makes for a great looking fly!

  2. Jeff / May 23 2011 16:12

    Very cool, I gotta try fly fishing this year.

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