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May 25, 2011 / flogginwater

Virginity finally lost!

Went fishing today – flopped my days off to get today off as it was the nicest day of the week, it’s going to rain like a bitch for the next week according to the weather man. Today was overcast, warm, and didn’t start raining until after dark.

So we headed out again today – the wife, the baby, and me – plus her parents, and later on my sister, nephew and then my other sis & brother in law. Was a good family day over all. I took the canoe, a spinning rod, my Durango panfish pole, my Grigg 5/6 glass rod, and my new Cabela’s 4 weight rod.

When we got to the lake, my father in law gave me one of my late brother in law’s rod & reel combos – a G. Loomis Gl2 bait caster, 6′ 1 piece medium fast action that was wearing a Shimano Curado Bantam reel, and there is supposed to be more to come later. I love the new to me rod, it’s a great gift – and that rod had big mojo today.

Since the lake has been difficult, I broke down and bought some worms today, and some vaccuum packed Great Lakes shiners (can’t use live minnows here in Oregon). I also had my Berkley Crappie Nibbles with me, and some Berkley soft plastic honey worms – and of course my box of panfish jigs, my fly tied ultra light jigs, and a couple fly boxes, and my soft sider bag of soft plastics. I was primed and ready for all modes of fishing today.

The day started off slow – I banked it for a bit before putting the canoe in – plunking bait to no effect. Put the canoe in and worked the far side of the cove – and with my shiney new two rod stamp – I had a dedicated bait rod out, and rigged up the new Loomis rod with a Carolina rigged Berkley Power Worm. Nada on the power worm. Eventually I switched the Loomis rod to my bait rod, and rigged my ultra light with a small 1/16th oz jig. Caught a few yellow perch on bait – and killed every one of the poor bastards I caught, as they all floated back to the surface and flopped around after being released. I knew there was a reason I don’t bait fish much anymore… I hate killing fish I don’t intend to keep!

Switching over to the fly rod and working closer to the creek inlet, I was searching for bass or panfish. There were a few other fly fishers out today, and I had a great chat with a fellow in the parking lot as we arrived. I had commented to my wife as we pulled in to the parking lot that it looked like the fellow had a neat old Fenwick glass rod – so when I got out of the car I struck up a conversation, and yeah – it was a Fenwick glass rod. A five weight. He seemed shocked that I knew right off the bat what it was, and more shocked that I was a bit of a fiberglass nut myself. We had a chat about what flies to try, what the fish would be doing, etc.

So I worked the creek channel, started off tossing a black bead head bunny bugger, nada. Moved the canoe into the flooded grass and started pitching my orange and yellow slider to the open pockets. The slider performed great, but the fish were uncooperative, or they just weren’t there. Either way, didn’t get to put a bend in the big rod today.

My newphew joined me around 2PM in the canoe, and we hit the far bank again, and worked around to the next cove to the south, wanting to try some down timber over there. The first timber we came to was uncooperative, but working the downed tree half way down the bank turned out to be the pot of gold. Started off tossing bait – got a huge chunk bluegill – covered my entire hand and it swallowed a long shank #8 streamer hook that had a fat night crawler on it. Too bad for him, that proved fatal. So I bonked him and retied the hook on. Next cast produced a nice 11″ rainbow that also, sadly, swallowed the damn hook. Bonked him and cast again – producing another chunk bluegill. Bonking that one, I put away the bait rod and switched to the small jig, tipped with a crappie nibble. That was a killer setup – so I rigged up my Shakespeare Durango panfish pole with an identical jig, and two-fisted my fishing. We hit the school and it was literally a fish a cast for a while – my nephew switched from bait to jig and we were on the money – we kept a total of 7 chunk bluegill and the rainbow – releasing the smaller gillies and trout we were catching. At one point, I was taking a picture of Tyler with is camera, and then noticed my panfish pole was doubled over. Brought that fish in, and got a neat pic of Tyler holding up both of our fishes. I never did get the double hook up I wanted, but there’s more time this summer to get that done…

So now the Durango lost it’s virginity, it was time to pop the cherry on my new 4 weight. I put the panfish rod and the spin rod away, and busted out the new fly rod. Switched over from the bunny bugger to a dry & dropper setup – a foam beetle with a wet ant fly – both size 12. More fast & furious bluegill action – so the Wind River has lost it’s virginity too! That only leaves me two rods left in my quiver that need their cherry popped – that Diawa 10′ ultra light I got a couple months back, and my Okuma Reflexions baitcaster bassin’ rod. I guess I should bring those next trip out!

Between Ty and I, we probably caught every fish in that school over the log. We tried the back end of the cove – and Ty switched out to the Eagle Claw flyrod I gave him – and on about his tenth cast, he got his first fly caught fish! It was a hefty bluegill about 8 inches long, and fat (turned out it was a female full of eggs.) Watching him fighting, and landing that fish was awesome – and Ty is most definitely hooked on fly fishing now. That gillie doubled over that Featherlite rod, and took the tip down into the water a couple times. I wish I’d had my camera with me – I would’ve gotten some video. Using his camera, I did get some good grip & grin photos of him and his first fly caught fish.

The fishing slowed after that, and we had to get back in as it was getting late. Was a great day, and was awesome getting Ty into his first fly fishin’ fish. It was also nice to get the lake to give up some warm water fish! Now I just need to get my first bass of the year… I’ll cross my fingers that it’s the $1 Million tagged bass Cabela’s dumped into it last week (bastards! There were probably 60 boats on the water today, a lot of them probably had visions of that million dollar bass in their heads.)

It’ll be two weeks or more before I can get back to the lake, as I’m working straight through (most likely anyway) from this coming Friday until Thursday next week, since I’m taking a 3 day weekend off for the OFF fish in the first weekend in June. I hope the weather continues to get better and those warm water fish start moving onto their spawning beds, that’s going to make for some great fishing!


  1. e.m.b. / May 25 2011 07:49

    Wow! Quite the gang in tow. Great post, and congrats on your “loss” 😉

  2. Mel / May 25 2011 20:02

    Definitely worth your time and effort going through your various set ups until you hit a good honey hole. Chunky Bluegill are some great fish to have on light tackle, fly or spin! Sounds like the young fellow is an angler for life.

  3. Mark / May 27 2011 16:58

    🙂 Thanks all. And I will be getting pix up soon of my last outing.

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