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May 27, 2011 / flogginwater

More New Flies…

I wound up with another, unplanned day off today. I spent the better part of the afternoon and evening tying up some flies, to relieve some of the stress I’ve been plagued with of late. I made some new dry flies up – including inventing (at least I think I’m the inventor, I’ve never seen other flies like them) a couple new patterns.

After using up the remaining dry fly hooks I had, I switched over to making more deer hair bass bugs. Some turned out better than others, but they’ll all catch fish, I’m sure.

First up – one of my new patterns.

I call it McKenzie’s Paddle Wheel May Fly. These are tied on #12 Mustad dry fly hooks.

It started off innocently enough, with a natural Squirrel tail hair tail; an olive dubbed body (synthetic dubbing); then I got weird. I tied in a large bunch of white poly yarn, like I would for my typical spent-wing dries. But then I tied up the bases of them to form parachute posts. Taking two matching olive-dyed grizzly hackles, I tied them in parachute style – with the wing-posts still in the horizontal position. This gave it two sets of hackle, turned 90 degrees off compared to either a typical parachute, or standard dry fly pattern. For whatever reason, I felt like leaving the longish tips of the hackle feathers on this one.

I had to take a break from tying to run errands with the wife, and as she was shopping, I began thinking about tying a large dry fly to imitate a group of flies, because I really hate fishing micro flies during bug hatches, and hey – wouldn’t a clump of flies all gathered up look like a more attractive meal to a fat trout than one lil’ ol itty bitty fly?

That logic turned into McKenzie’s Mating Paddle Wheel Mayflies.

This started out on a #8 2X Mustad nymph hook. I tied in the Squirrel Tail hair tail again, started with a dubbed body again, and did the same sideways parachute wings/hackle. Then I added more dubbing for a 2nd body, threw in a little yellow in there just for giggles, added a 2nd set of the post wings and parachute hackle, before tying off the head. I clipped the long hackle tips off this one. Can’t decide which style I like better. I’ll let the fish decide, I guess. I’m thinking a trout would have a hard time resisting a pair of maters on the water’s surface. Two big, fat, juicy flies for the price of one, right!

I tied up a few more fan wing dries, in natural, tan shades.

Then I tied up some Hare’s Ear Dry flies, in the sparser Catskill style of tying, but I got the duck fibers too long. Ohwell, a fish will eat it anyway.

I tied up a couple more Wooly Worms just for fun. One’s a bead head, the other is weighted with lead under the body.

And my deer hair creations are a bit wilder this week – I was playing around with stacking the deer hair versus typical spinning. Got some interesting results. I need more kevlar thread, as these were done up with standard 6/0 and had a few incidents of breakage when I cranked down on the deer hair.

I can’t wait to get back on the water and try these out…

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