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May 27, 2011 / flogginwater

Photo Friday – any Other Business

My nephew got his camera unloaded from our outing on Tuesday, as did I (family pix) – so enjoy some pix from the trip. I’d also like to say “hi” to my new minions, er, I mean followers. We’re up to 13 now – woo hooo! An official hello to Jeff, Erin, Eddie, David, Nimrod, The African Fly Angler, and Clif – I hope I didn’t leave any of the newer followers out! Another thanks to the OBN for helping me get exposure, so someone actually reads the crap that comes out of my brain, mwahahahaha… *ahem*

We’re also over 1600 hits, and this is my 75th post to this blog. It looks like word is slowly spreading about Floggin’ Water – hopefully the word is good! I’ve got more content in the wings, more reviews, more techniques, just more good stuff.

With the upcoming camping trip next weekend, I hope to get the photos necessary to continue my beginners’s guide to fly fishing. I might even get all crazy and bring my big ultra light spin rod to try some jig fishing on the small streams…we’ll see!

Spread the word if you like this Blog. Keep the feedback and comments coming too – I love getting reader feedback.

So enjoy the pictures, see ya’ll again real soon.

Above: Me with a nice bluegill

Above: my nephew Tyler, holding up our catches – the fish he caught and wanted a picture of, and the fish I caught while taking his picture.

Above: Tyler with his very first fish caught on a flyrod

Above: Tyler with another nice gillie

A chunky bluegill I caught that inhaled a #8 long shank streamer hook crammed with a fat night crawler. This guy is in my freezer now.

Me with a smaller trout, caught on *gasp* bait He didn’t swallow the hook, so he got to live another day.

Canoe scanoe, canoe?

Daddy, Son, and Grandpa (wife’s dad)

Tyler, being a goof for the camera

And a couple from the week before last…



  1. Mel / May 28 2011 22:18

    I love reading your blog and watching where your blog is going. Great work, so far! Really enjoyed the pictures here. Bluegills are a blast.

  2. Cofisher / May 29 2011 10:44

    Really good job with the photos. Looks like you guys know how to have a good time. Keep it up.

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