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May 30, 2011 / flogginwater

That Was Easy…

Got the re-org of my fly boxes done. Surprisingly quick job, given the number of flies… I also culled some of the older flies that just didn’t sit right with me anymore- flies with some imperfections that I just don’t like that are going to get cut up and the hooks re-used for new flies. I think I’m ready to go fishing this weekend now…

(okay, those last couple are pix of my jig box…)



  1. Dustin's Fly Box / Jun 2 2011 17:37

    Holy crap that is a lot of flies!! I wish I had more boxes myself. I have to keep mine in little plastic containers. Great blog! You got a new follower

  2. Mark / Jun 3 2011 04:14

    Coolbeans! Thanks Dustin, in the grand scheme of things, I *may* have “too many” flies to ever really use up in a timely manner, but I've never hit that wall that says “Okay, I've got enough”.

    Then again, I love tying the dang things up as much as I do fishing with them, tying is relaxing for me (usually), especially if I get into doing big, pretty, brightly colored deer hair bass bugs. I inherited about 2/3 of my collection from my late brother in law – HE had a big collection, I got about 1/3 or so of what he really had, and I was given about 500 flies. Lots of little itty bitty nymphs and dries that I wouldn't normally fish, but I will now, because of the way I got them, and who I got them from. And I'm sure they'll come in handy on finicky fishes. I normally don't fish flies smaller than a 16 for general trouting and panfishing – if only because it can get frustrating trying to get a good knot in 7X tippet. 6X is bad enough… God help me when my eye sight goes to pot! I'll be fishing nothing but big streamers and stoneflies year round (or I'll just sell all my single handers, buy a spey rod, and resign myself to chasing “steelhead” – damned made up fish anyway…)

    Glad to have a new follower!

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