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June 10, 2011 / flogginwater

Broke 2000

Wew, just checking the blog’s stats page – we’ve broken 2000 pageviews, I’m up to 16 followers (hey, that’s the same number of passengers a “short bus” can hold! Woot! I’m drivin the short bus again!) and, I’d like to say Thank You to John Montana from Carp on the Fly – his site has taken the #1 spot, not just for this week, not just for the month, but all time as the top referring URL to this blog, surpassing both the Oregon Fishing Forum and Mel’s Assbackward Angler (formerly Blog Cabin Angler) as #1 referrer.

I’m happy that folks are finding my writings either entertaining, useful, or at least a somewhat-alright way to kill time while at work waiting for 5 o’clock to hit so they can head home, head to the bar, or hit the water. Thanks!

Owl Jones ain’t got nothin’ on me as far as fly fishing world domination goes, right? If I do happen to usurp the title of Benevolent Dictator of All Things Fly Fishing from Owl, I’ll keep him around as 2nd or 3rd in command, and assign him to Prague. I hear they’ve got a wicked nymphing technique round those parts…

Did I mention in my last post that I have lost my main fly box somewhere along the banks of the Sandy River? I had a job interview last Wednesday, and on the way back, we stopped at Dodge Park along the Sandy, and I dredged a nymph through a couple slots close to the bank (unsuccessfully, I might add) and did, it seems, loose the main fly box that clips to the front of my chest pack. There were 150 or 200 flies in the damn thing, I think. That makes me sad – not so much for the loss of the flies – a few $5 packs of Mustad hooks and I can replace most of the flies, but those damn boxes are expensive, in relative terms. Ohwell, I don’t think I’m going to go for the clip-on type box like that again. I damn near lost the thing on the camping trip last weekend, it popped off, and I had to dive over boulders and scramble downstream in order to catch it. I damn near drowned myself doing so. No, I’ll probably get another clear top Plano or something big, that fits in the big pocket of the vest and put another assortment of nymphs, dries, and streamers together. Or I can just get another small box, and carry 2 or 3 small boxes with me.

If I was really clever, I’d just get another small box and force myself to only carry a few patterns, the ones I’m most likely to use. We’ll see how smart I really am. Only time will tell.

At least I didn’t loose many of the flies I inherited, they’re in other boxes, mostly. I did, however, loose some nice Prince nymphs and Pheasant Tail nymphs that I’d purchased, along with just about ALL of my hair wing caddis imitations, my parachute adamses, and just about all of my really tiny thread worms or dubbed worms… *sigh* I needed an excuse to stop by the fly shop and get more thread & hooks anyway. Guess I’ll be adding a new flybox to the list. I’d really like one of those metal Wheatley imitations. Gene, from OFF has one that I liked. It had a magnet on the flat side for holding smaller flies, and rows of clips on the other, to hold bigger flies. My luck, I’d drop the damn thing and it’d sink to the bottom in 6 or 8 feet of water. Or I’d somehow get it wet, and not only rust all the flies out in the box, but rust the box itself.

I did get some more Kevlar thread the other day, so I’ll be tying up some more bass bugs soon, for sure.

It also looks like I might be moving soon – I’ve got another interview next Wednesday, with the company I interviewed with last Wednesday. I’ll have an answer by the end of the day, according to the owner. If I get the job offer, I’m uprooting my wife & squid, and we’ll probably be moving to Estacada or Eagle Creek, Oregon (about 40, 45 miles on the other side of the Portland area from where we’re at now). Possibly to the city of Sandy, or one of the small mountain communities east of Sandy. Depends on what kind of place we can find in our price range, in the short period of time we’d have to find one.

The pros, to moving? Back out on our own, just us again. Not dealing with anymore family drama from other family members. Estacada is on the Clackamas River, which means salmon & steelhead fishing is 10 minutes from home, year round. A 20+ minute drive upriver means trout fishing June-October on the river. There’s 3 lakes impounded on the Clack, so there’s lake fishing. A drive over the hill through Sandy puts me on the banks of the Sandy River (more salmon/steelhead/trouting). Up the mountain there’s small trout creeks, and lots of lakes, big and small. A 30-40 minute drive puts me on the Columbia River, where I would target bass, panfish, carp, sturgeon, and maybe salmon and steelhead (if I get my boat fixed) in season. I’d be an hour and a half away from the Deschutes River and it’s famous Redside trout, along with salmon and steelhead.

The downside? Aside from the couple rivers and lakes mentioned – I’m not very familiar with the area from a fishing standpoint.

I like fishing for warm water fishes as much as the cold blooded salmonids – I can be on a little creek in 15 minutes from home, and get all he warm water fish I want, plus the odd ball trout. 20 minutes puts me at a few little ponds full of warm water fish. A 35 minute drive puts me at Hagg Lake, and all it’s wonderful fishes. 60 minutes puts me on the rivers of the north coast, for salmon & steelhead & trout. 90 minutes and I’m into Jetty fishing right now.

I guess, if I move, I’m just going to have to find some new angling friends to show me around my new stomping grounds, get familiar with some farmers and try to wrangle access to their ponds… I guess it’s not so bad.

The other downside to moving – more snow. And having to work in it. I. Hate. Snow. As a kid, I loved it. As an adult, I hate it. I hate being cold, unless I’m being cold for a good cause, like fishing. Generally being cold just sucks. And having to work – especially the job I do – in the cold, is horrible. I’d honestly much rather be moving to Texas in some ways, where it’s more temperate and warmer. I’d miss trout fishing, but wouldn’t be heart broken over bass fishing, bluegillin’, and catfishing. Being closer to family down there, whom I’m just getting to know, would be awesome too.



  1. Dustin's Fly Box / Jun 10 2011 17:55

    woohoo congrats buddy!! 🙂

  2. Mel / Jun 10 2011 22:35

    Sure looks like you have a few “Irons in the Fire” so to speak. Good luck with all that is about to transpire and keep us posted. Congratulations on reaching 2000!

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