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June 30, 2011 / flogginwater

New Look, New Fly Pix, and Another Grand Down

Wew – it’s been a few days since I’ve had a chance to post anything new. I did, however, manage to snap some pictures of my new fly box (and the new flies I’ve tied to fill it) as promised earlier.

I also got the bug up my buns tonight to change the look of the blog – once again. I decided the dark color scheme, while it looked cool to my eye, was just getting…depressing. So here’s a bit brighter, lighter, more “upbeat” look. The layout is the same, I’ve just changed backgrounds and banners. I like ’em, and I made them myself. The background is a stylized picture of a wet fly I tied, and the banner, well, my wife took that photo for me during the OFF fly fishing take over of the Santiam a while back. I like that too. I think she caught my best side with that pic…

Also – we’ve busted the 3000 views benchmark – and up to 18 followers. Slow and steady world domination for sure. Owl Jones, eat your heart out!

I tried the night fishing thing again last weekend also, drug Tyler along. This time, we got skunked. I’m not sure if it was the lack of drunk girls hitting on him, the friend he brought with throwing the mojo off (but his friend seemed full of mojo, so I don’t get that one either), or the fact that Ty brought nice gear this time – but the fish were biting, we just couldn’t get them hooked up. I did loose a number of hooks and half my leader line to submerged snags. Didn’t loose any weight though (of course I was running my 50lb braid again, with 12lb leader). I’m pretty sure that at one point, I was bringing up a good sized rock, when the line busted at the hook. Either that, or I’d hooked a dead body or something. Either way, I’m glad I didn’t land it.

With that happy image in your head, enjoy the new fly box pix!

And some new flies that hand’t made it in the box when I took the pix, but which now reside in said box:

Some upside down (hook point up) dry flies, and some worm imitations made with rubber bands and rubber leg material

And here’s a couple interesting experiments – spun deer hair jigs

And some deer hair bass & panfish bugs to replace some that I’ve lost recently:



  1. Mel / Jun 30 2011 05:41

    Your blog lay out is very eye catching. Excellent work. Content, as always, top notch!

  2. Cofisher / Jun 30 2011 21:22

    Nice job on the header and background. I have to tell you, just as my wife wouldn't let me post photos of my tying desk, she has forbade me to let anyone peek into my fly boxes. If I was as well organized as you, I'd be sitting on the bank admiring my work…not fishing.

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