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July 8, 2011 / flogginwater

Just a wishin I was fishin (again)

Got out to the lake yesterday (Thursday) for some more fine fishing time. It was again a bit of a family affair, my in laws joined us (or rather, my wife & son) out for a nice day at the lake. My buddy Jason has been itchin and wishin to go fishing again since his return from a work related trip to Ohio (I think it was work related, he was gone for 2 weeks and did no fishing at all). He called me on Wednesday from work, wanting to hit up the lake in search of some crappie.

We had agreed to meet at 10:30 Thursday morning. Oh it was not to be (not on time, anyway) various things, from a young one needing fed, to a slow moving spouse, conspired to make us a bit late. It was 11:20 before I stepped aboard Jason’s boat (thankfully he wasn’t too mad, and did get my message that we were running late. He’s got kids himself, so he understands these things).

He also showed me his cooler o’ crappie – big, slab fish. We went to his favorite honey hole. He got one more from the pile, I managed a bluegill (a fat one) before the bite died. He only seems to catch fish there when he’s by himself. How sad (for me). We hunted some other likely spots, we hit up some of my bluegill haunts – where I finally got into some good fairly fast paced fishing. Some females that still held eggs, others were spawned out. Some dinks – and some bluegill which seemed to be raiding crappie nests.

Jason wanted to leave the lake by late afternoon – so we hit a few more of his crappie haunts – he picked up another nice slab fish – I got shut out by the crappie, again, before he took me back to the family staging area. Once back there, I retrieved the good ol’ Scanoe – newly modified with revision 1.0 of my anchor system, and her new D-ring tie downs, and hit the lake again. (Thankfully I’ve got a pretty understanding, loving wife who knows how much fishing helps calm the stress from work and life for me, and she isn’t mad when I fish hard like this).  I hit up the bluegill hole that I did so well at the last outing – when I was wet wading. I started off bobber & jig fishing, like I had been for crappie – deciding to double-fist my fishing with two rods. That stopped pretty quickly – about the 2nd time I had two fish on at once that tangled the lines. No, I didn’t learn from the first time… I did get over a dozen voracious post-spawn bluegill though, and a couple pumpkinseeds. I put the spin rods away and busted out the fly rods – #1 go to rig was my Grigg fiberglass rod, with a #10 white deer hair diver. I pulled a few of the larger gills up to the surface with this – and missed a few nice boils that had to be bass or large pannies.

In a fit of restlessness (not being satisfied with the good fishing I’d already experiences) I switched rods to the Cabela’s 4 weight – and tried a couple different wet fly patterns – bupkiss. Back to the deer hair diver to finish the game. Got another fish, missed a few more, and called it quits before the wife DID get mad, since we had to get home, unload the gear, and get to the grocery store that evening. Was a great day out, and it was a great escape from the soul crushing thing that I call my job. I was half tempted to call in sick, just to go fish again today. I didn’t (should’ve…) and thus, I sit here wishin I was fishin, again.


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  1. Cofisher / Jul 9 2011 08:33

    Sounds like a great day to me. I don't do enough of this any more…sad.

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