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July 21, 2011 / flogginwater

New Feature – Blogger Spotlight

I’m starting a new feature here on Floggin’ Water, I’m going to highlight and share with you folks a random Blog from my ever growing favorites list – along with a little insight as to what I find so appealing about that particular blog.

This week’s Blogger Spotlight is featuring is The Fly Tying Journal. It’s author, Martin, is a skilled fly tier and fisherman from Ireland, currently living in Yorkshire, England. Martin’s blog is loaded with photos from his fishing adventures and the gorgeous flies he ties. He puts a lot of attention to detail into his flies – from simple soft hackled wet flies, to intricate upside down dries. He shares tying techniques and fly recipes, with photos of every pattern. If you’ve got a recommendation for a good set of hackle pliers, Martin would love to hear it. If you’re not already reading or following his blog – it’s well worth it to start.

Just in case you missed the link above, click the one below

The Fly Tying Journal



  1. Martin / Jul 22 2011 12:08

    Mark, thanks very much for your kind and appreciative comments on the blog and overall blog support. It really makes a difference to me to know that some people are getting something out of it – keeps the motivation high. BTW, that is a super photo you have on your blog header. All the best and thanks very much again, Martin

  2. Mark / Jul 24 2011 03:48

    Martin, anything to spread the word about a great blog like yours. And thanks for the compliment on the photo – my wife did a great job getting that one. Keep up the great work on your blog man!

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