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July 26, 2011 / flogginwater

More Flies Tied…

I’ve been a busy beaver in my spare time of late – earlier this week I picked up some new tying materials, more flosses, mostly, along with more hooks. A new dubbing loop tool, and those – coupled with some new tying techniques gleaned from John Shewey’s Steelhead Flies, I’ve been tying up a storm.

One of the new techniques I’ve been working on – is twisting wire and floss, or wire and dubbing, or wire and yarn into some neat, tight body “ropes”. The technique is pretty simple – tie your fine wire (gold or silver), along with a couple strands of floss (or yarn, or your pre twisted dubbing loop) and capture the tag ends in a good set of hackle pliers, keeping the wire and floss tight. Now grab the bottom of your pliers with your dubbing loop tool (shepard’s hook type) and spin them together until they form a tight round rope. Now wrap that to form the body of the fly. If you use more than one color of body material, you get a candy-cane effect in the body. I tied up a bunch of soft hackle wets (size 12’s) with some of these bodies. Can’t wait to get them wet.

I also tied up handful of steelhead flies (size 2’s) – some normal floss bodies, and some of the twisted-rope type bodies. Tied up a prototype shrimp while I was at it.

Now I’m almost jonesing to hit up the river and swing for some steel – the only draw back is that I sold my heavy rod a while back and haven’t replaced it yet. I need to get a new 7 weight, soon.

Tied up a bunch more #12 dry flies for the next panfish outing. Simple brightly colored floss bodied hair wings.

They’ll do double duty for pocket water dry fly fishing too.

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