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August 4, 2011 / flogginwater

Beginner’s Luck

Broke my swearing off of Hagg Lake today. Actually it was the wife’s doing – she asked yesterday if I wanted to go out to the lake and take the kiddo and meet her parents out there – like we have before. How could I say no?

We left the canoe home today, so I was bank bound – which wasn’t horrible either, considering the dismal fishing last week. Why work extra hard, for no fish, in hot weather, right? It wasn’t a total loss today, fish wise, despite hot weather, an horribly large crowd of retirees, their grand children, a couple family reunions (who holds a family reunion on a Wednesday?) and some rather planetoid size individuals who thought string bikinis were sexy on women pushing 400lbs.

I took my little man with me for a bit today, in one of the Snugli chest carriers. This was his first opportunity to really fish with Papa – which he seemed indifferent about. He did NOT like it when I stopped and fished the lake proper – maybe the kid doesn’t like warm water fish (impossible!) or maybe he didn’t want to see the fat, mostly naked women. Probably the later.

Little buddy was well set himself – in his ball cap and sunglasses (got to protect those baby blues!) – so we set off from the lake for a little hike up into the creek, with the fly rod. I wanted to try out the new foam bee pattern I tied, so I rigged it up with a green soft hackle wet as a dropper. Non technical fishing for some small stream trout.

First cast in the first pool of the stream garnered a feisty, beautiful 12″ wild, native cutthroat trout. He was a scrapper – pulling line from the reel of my 4 wt. He ate the bee with gusto. Unfortunately, no fish pix today. I left the camera with Mama Bear while Papa and Baby Bear went fishing.

We only fished two pools of the stream – I wasn’t going to ford the stream with the little man strapped to me – especially in hiking boots instead of felts. It’s one thing if I break *my* neck while fishing – quite another if I break the baby’s.

I began instilling the value of catch & release for wild, native fish. Little man wasn’t terribly happy – then again, I think his fussing had more to do with me kneeling down and leaning over a bit rather than actually releasing the cutt. After a few minutes of fussing, James crapped out and decided it was nap time – didn’t matter if he was hanging off Daddy’s chest or not. If he was older I’d be worried about narcolepsy – as the little dude can go from 60 to 0 in 5 seconds flat. Funny how baby’s can do that.

I’m counting that trout as a team-effort fish – I mean, if I hadn’t had little man with me, I might not have had the mojo to get that fish. And little man was of course providing moral support, and I’m sure if he was talking better, he’d be giving tips on how to properly play the fish, like any good fishing partner will do when *he* isn’t the one landing the fish. 🙂

The rest of the day was largely fishless, until the end of the day. We’d changed locales, fishing the mouth of another creek that feeds the lake – where I ran in to some bass. Bites were good until a pair of jackasses in kayaks (obviously not fisherman) decided to paddle right through the narrow channel, where I was fishing, without so much as a word or apology to me. And of course when they realized that the navigable water ended 50 yards upstream of me – they had to turn around and paddle right back through the channel (which is only 25′ wide at it’s widest) spooking any fish that didn’t scram on their first pass.

I valiantly tried getting a few more fish after the kayak attack – but the fish weren’t having any of it, so I bagged it and called it a day. All in all, pretty great day with the family, and a couple fish. Tomorrow my wife and I are heading out for a Mommy & Daddy day alone at the lake – as Mommy wants a day out by ourselves in the canoe. Hopefully we’ll run into a few more fish!



  1. e.m.b. / Aug 4 2011 07:33

    What a great post. Cute kiddo….surely, he'll be a fisherman. 🙂

  2. Mark / Aug 4 2011 09:51

    Thanks, Erin!

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