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August 6, 2011 / flogginwater

Blogger Spotlight – Mysteries Internal

None of the blogs I regularly read have quite the same style as Erin’s Mysteries Internal. Erin has a unique writing style – more poetic than most. Erin is a talented writer, living, fishing, and working in Colorado. Her adventures with her dog Banjo and her partner Jay (from Colorado Fly Fishing Reports) are detailed – dotted with childhood memories, inner reflections, and questions we’ve probably all at least thought to ourselves.

Not only is Erin a talented author – she’s a damn good fly tier as well, and her blog has plenty of pictures of her cool creations, and the fish (a number of large ones to boot) they have brought to hand.

You could kill an entire long evening reading and rereading her blog, and not realize it (that’s a good thing) – I’ve done it more than once.

Give Mysteries Internal a look, if you haven’t already.



  1. John Montana / Aug 6 2011 14:29

    One of my favorite blogs…but it is mysteries internal.

    Erin writes the only “fishing blog” my wife will read. Including mine! One of the best blogs on the net.

  2. Cofisher / Aug 6 2011 15:52

    I wholeheartedly agree. I have been enchanted by Erin's writing for a while. If you're lucky enough to catch her on Facebook, you might end up in the middle of a three-way conversation with her mother and father. The Block family is great and you can see where Erin got some of her charm.

  3. d. nash / Aug 6 2011 17:25

    I'll jump in the conversation and agree. Mysteries Internal is an outstanding page. It is almost tiring how exceptional each blog post is 🙂 Great spotlight!

  4. John Montana / Aug 6 2011 18:22

    She does put the rest of us poor schlub bloggers to shame! If you like erin's stuff, check out my buddy Wendy over at Fishing and Thinking in Minnesota.

  5. Mark / Aug 6 2011 18:27

    LoL, thanks John for pointing out my spelling flub. I was kind of on autopilot when I authored this one this morning – I don't know why I kept writing International vs. Internal. Maybe it was Scooby Doo's bad influence, or the IHOP commercials… Mistake corrected now!

  6. Mark / Aug 6 2011 18:28

    Oh, and I forgot to add – Fishing and Thinking in Minnesota is also on my list of frequently read blogs. 🙂 Wendy is also always a good read!

  7. Cofisher / Aug 7 2011 08:33

    By the way Mark, I'll really loving the new look. good job.

  8. Sanders / Aug 7 2011 11:20

    Mysteries is one of the best blogs out there for sure. Erin is a talent that can continually put out original content, while not ever forcing a story. I look forward to her posts every single time. A spotlight well deserved.

  9. e.m.b. / Dec 16 2011 13:24

    Well damn. How did I miss thanking you all?! So here's a very late 'thanks' for all the kind words!

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