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August 6, 2011 / flogginwater

Holy Quack!

While perusing other fishing blogs, I stumbled upon this gem:

I wonder how big a hook you’d need to tie up a baby duck fly.

Part of me is sad to see the baby duck get eaten (cuz babies are cute from any species with at least 2 legs, except possibly humans, except for my son 🙂 ) – but then again, it’s really cool to see a *fish* (other than a shark) eat something other than another fish or a bug (or a cottonwood seed).

I wonder if we can get Discovery to ditch Shark Week next year in favor of Pike Week?

Pike is one of the fish that is on my list of fish to catch. I tried once – coincidentally in Fairbanks (where this video was taken). I was a kid, we were on our way back from a week’s stay in Kenai, Alaska. We’d driven from Oregon to Alaska in our motor home, and we stayed a couple days in Fairbanks on the way back, at a little RV park that sat on a manmade pond that was choked full of pike. I fished literally for about 14 hours – from the time I got up and ate breakfast, until about 2 AM the next morning (it never got dark, early-dusk was about as dark as it got, and by 11PM or so, the sun was high in the sky again just like it was noon.)

I tried spoons, plastic worms, spinners, and jigs – all the tackle I had with me at the time – and couldn’t get a single pike to chomp. Now I want to pursue them with my new 8 weight fly rod. ODFW needs to get with some stocking of these toothy monsters in some of the man-made lakes around the state!


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  1. troutrageous1 / Aug 6 2011 09:01

    Sucks to be a baby duck. Actually, survival of the fittest aside…that was a pretty slick “stalking” video.

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