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August 6, 2011 / flogginwater

Some Thoughts

Since I’m a “winner” (at least in the eBay sense) – I’ve been giving quite a lot of thought to how I’m going to build up my new rods.

The 5 weight blank is supposed to be a dark, iridescent blue similar in color to some of Redington’s blanks. The 3 weight is a dark green color. Both are 11 foot, 4 piece rods.

For the 5 weight, which is described as “fast action” in the auction site’s listing (I’m honestly figuring it’ll be quite a bit softer than “fast” since it’s 11 feet long, or it’s in reality a 6 or maybe even 7 weight blank they’re calling a fast 5, but it supposedly only weighs 2.8 oz, so…) ANYWHO – I was thinking, for the 5 weight, of doing with silver colored uplocking hardware on a rosewood reel seat, a full wells grip, screw in 1″ fighting butt (full wells grips look weird to me, without a fighting butt) and maroon thread wraps with silver highlights. I think I want to use 2 ceramic stripping guides, 9 traditional snakes, and an oversized tip-top loop. Not sure if I want to go with a folding hook keeper, or a traditional double foot style. I’m also not decided on the addition or lack of a winding check in front of the cork.

I’ve also been mentally masturbating to which reel and line will be matched up with this rod (and the other one, naturally.) I’ve seriously been gravitating to spending some extra coin over what I’d normally opt for on a trout rod, and go with something like the G. Loomis Venture or maybe even grab another Ross, or maybe go with a Pfleuger Trion. I like all of those reels. Then again, being a trout rod – I could save cash and go with another Okuma Sierra, or a Cortland CDM, or one of Cabela’s metal framed (pardon my French, but fuck their polymer abortions) reels. I’d even go for a Pfleuger Medalist if I could find one (none of the fly shops sell them anymore, none of the big box stores sell them, Cabela’s doesn’t list the 1500 series (the ones with the exposed spool rim) – just the old school 1400 series reels. I really like the styling on the Loomis Venture – so that’s the direction I’m seriously leaning on this one. At $100 it’s a bit more than I would typically spend for a trout reel, but it just might be worth it for this new rod.

After I get the reel dilema figured out – I’ll have to put something on the reel. The Scientific Anglers Mastery lines have been my favorites for a long time – so I’ll probably go that route – but I’m torn – do I opt for a double taper or a weight forward? The WF would boom the standard casts out – but the DT would roll cast easier, especially at longer distances. Either line I get, I’m probably going to pick up one of the Cortland mini sinking heads that loops on to make a floating line into a sink-tip line – or maybe get a spare spool and get one of the Cortland Clear Camo intermediate lines – we’ll see I guess.

For the 3 weight rod, I was thinking of going with a cork reel seat – something with dark brown hardware would be sweet, but if I can’t get that – probably black hardware on that one – mated with a western (reversed half wells) grip. I was thinking a similar guide arrangement as the 5 weight. For thread wraps I was thinking either dark green w/ gold highlight, or maybe dark blue and gold.

Reel choice for this rod is also going to be fun – until the Czech nymphing craze came about – finding a 3 weight much over 8 feet long as been rare, so finding a reel to balance a long 3 weight, without being too big should be interesting. I could always go with a 4/5 size reel I guess, and add a half million yards of backing… I think I’ll try my Fly Water on it and see how well it balances first – if it works well, I’ll probably mate them up semi permanently, and get a new reel for my lovely little Grigg 8 footer. Decisions, decisions!

There is, of course, the matter of actually getting some good reference material on wrapping up a good graphite rod. It’s somewhat of a mystery to me how the rod magicians get the thread wraps on so neatly and perfectly, and how they get the reel seats and grips on perfectly without slop. I’ve seen some pretty bad DIY rod builds before, and I do NOT want my rods coming out that way!

Anyone with some experience in the matters of rod building, feel free to chime in! Or if you know of a good blog that has info – feel free to pimp them here!

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