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August 11, 2011 / flogginwater

Murphy is a Bastard

I did not get to go fishing today (or, yesterday, as it is now). No, Murphy came round and kicked me in the balls. Repeatedly. With steel toed cowboy boots.

The day didn’t get off to a horrible start – I got the float tube aired up and stuffed in the jeep, with my new 8 weight, and my Okuma Reflexions baitcaster. I hand picked half a dozen pieces of bass hardware, stuffed my bag of soft plastics in one of the tube’s pockets, filled the other with my bass fly box and some leader material. Grabbed waders and fins, and set off for Bass Country (the lake).

Half way to the lake, I realized I had forgotten the cross bar to my float tube, which is the V-style tube. Turned around and headed home to grab it. No biggie, right? Got home, couldn’t find the damn thing. Wasn’t where I’d last remembered seeing it, which for whatever reason was NOT in the same location as the tube itself was. Searched high and low. No bueno. Got frustrated and said ‘screw it’ – threw the Canoe on top of the jeep. Then the jeep died as I was tightening the final ratchet strap down. Damn fuel filter finally plugged up for good. Found that out for sure after getting soaked with gasoline when I popped the filter off.

Borrowed my old man’s car to go to the parts house. $20 later, I have a new fuel filter. By the time I was done with all that crap, it was 3:30 in the afternoon – way past the point of it being worthwhile to make the 30 mile drive one-way to the lake. I was pissed.

Spent the rest of the day looking high and low for that damned cross bar – searched the house, the shop, the attic of the shop, the two metal sheds in the back yard, the wood shed in the back yard – searched the big boat. It’s like that damned thing just up and dematerialized. I can’t find it anywhere – and I was honest to god looking forward to just kicking around and fishing from a floating EZ chair by myself for a change.

I think I pissed the wife off just a bit too, when I told her I’m going fishing tomorrow. She’ll get over it – with the week I’ve had (hell, with the YEAR I’ve been having) – I need a day out, by myself, to just relax and fish at my own pace, without deadlines to be home, without being slowed down by someone else, or having to keep pace with someone. This will be one of the few solo trips I’ve taken this year. I can make it up to her later.

The only really up-beat part of the day – I received the cork and reel seat for one of my rod builds today. I reamed out an inlet into the grip so the reel seat will set recessed, instead of sticking an extra half inch out. I surprised myself by not fucking it up too badly too. Right now I’ve got the whole mess mocked up on a wooden dowel, as I’m still awaiting the actual rod blanks – which annoys me a bit. It’s now been a full week since I won the auctions and made payment (I paid within hours of the auction end for both rods) – and the US Postal Service tracking website is still saying they received notice on the 6th of *intent* to ship – they’re not indicating any actual pickup of the blanks, or any en route info. Both blanks are coming from the same person, with the same tracking number for each blank. The reel seat and grip I bought from another vendor (also from eBay) in Idaho – I purchased those items a couple days after the rod blanks, made payment just as timely, and got those items today, also by USPS. The tracking info provided for the handle parts was accurate and updated from intent to actual shipping to out for delivery.

I sent a letter off to the seller of the blanks to the effect of “WTF” – he assures me the rods were picked up by the mail man on Saturday, and should be in my hands tomorrow. They better be, or I’m gonna be even more pissed. The guy selling these blanks has a massive amount of feedback, everyone saying something like speedy shipping/great service, but I’ve not experienced that at all, nor did I get any communication back from the guy until I sent my WTF email tonight (and I’d sent 3 other emails that went unacknowledged right after I won my auctions.)

Shouldn’t take a week to get some rod blanks from California to Oregon. And yes, I’m an impatient bastard when someone has my money, yet doesn’t get my crap to me quickly. 🙂



  1. Cofisher / Aug 11 2011 19:47

    Mark, thanks for the rant…I feel much better now. You've expressed my feelings perfectly about the past year. By the way, the crossbar will be in the last place you look.

  2. Mark / Aug 12 2011 17:55

    Wouldn't you know it Howard, just when I was having a great day out after such a bad day, Murphy had to come round and remind me he still lurks – my jeep died on the way home (only 4 or 5 miles from home) from the lake. But the tow truck was close by, and I had rod blanks awaiting me when I got home, and tonight I shall have my new to me Diawa SF706 waiting for me too.

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