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August 12, 2011 / flogginwater

A big thanks…

To Howard (Cofisher) and John Montana (John Montana) – your blogs are consistently topping the lists of referral sites to my Blog – only Google comes close to you guys. I feel the love.

I also noticed today that I’ve topped 4500 hits – they’re coming quickly! My plan remains afoot, and I shall slowly and surely creep into the minds of every angler, eventually every outdoorsman, and the quiet take over of the world by me, through this Blog, will be complete. Eat yer heart out Mr. Jones! Muwahahaha. *ahem*

In all honesty – it’s killer to have the traffic I get. I don’t pimp my blog much myself – a link is in my sig line on a couple forums I visit, and it’s listed in the OBN – but the majority of my visitors (non-google referred) come from other bloggers, and that kicks butt. Thanks guys, and please keep it up. One of these days I might see 10,000 visitors. Maybe, just maybe, someone in a place to do such a thing, might even ask me to write for money (a dream of mine I’ve long held) – and do it by writing about fishing. Might be a long shot, but I bet the odds are better than winning a 220 million dollar jack pot. That’d be neat. Of course a Blog and a book are different. There’s no formality here, other than what I want. I can write one megalithic run on sentence, with no punctuation. If I want. Paragraphs have only the meaning and necessity in which I see fit (and I do see fit, of course.) But I can write in chapters and verses and paragraphs just as well. I wonder what the chances of someone in the Lyons family seeing this and taking it seriously?

So I simply ask you all, spread the word, if the word is good. And a big thanks for those who already do, even if simply by putting me on your Blog roll.



  1. Cofisher / Aug 12 2011 19:49

    You do a great job Mark, that's why the hit's keep coming. Be a little secretive about the world domination thing…Owl blows up computers. 😉

  2. troutrageous1 / Aug 13 2011 19:35

    Congrats on the 4500 milestone. You're brave to advertise any affiliation with Howard, not matter how loose. Keep up the great work!

  3. John Montana / Aug 14 2011 20:57

    Congrats on 4500!

  4. Mark / Aug 15 2011 01:25

    Now it's over 4600 – woot. Seems like I'm averaging about 40 hits a day, give or take. That's awesome. How did your fishing trip go, John?

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