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August 15, 2011 / flogginwater

Blogger Spotlight – Carp on the Fly

This week’s Blogger Spotlight is John Montana from Carp on the Fly. John is an Oregon boy (like myself) – a family man who details his hunting of what has been described by more than one angler as the freshwater bonefish – the common carp. Now, John happens to be a member of a certain internet forum that I also belong to, and let me tell you – he’s one of the more passionate and dare I say, enlightened, carp anglers you’ll ever find. He freely admits that carp should not BE in Oregon’s waters – but they were introduced here over a century ago by folks who thought they were better food fish than our native salmon, steelhead, and trout.

John details not only his stalking of carp on the flats (or in this spring and summer’s case, in flooded fields and woodlands), but of passing along his passion for fishing to his son and daughter (who themselves are becoming quite accomplished anglers). Carp on the Fly should be on any angler’s blogroll – even if you hate carp – the information John shares easily translates over into other fish that stalk shallow water in search of food. An angler that becomes a GOOD carp angler can become a great trout or bass angler.

And hey, how often will a 12″ trout take you into your backing? Pretty easy for a 12″ carp to do! (Of course, I’m still trying to fairly take my first carp on the fly – I’ve caught them with a fly *rod* before, but with a #6 egg hook and a bread ball instead of a Backstabber or pheasant tail nymph. Hell of a ride, getting a carp on a fly rod!)

Carp on the Fly


  1. John Montana / Aug 15 2011 16:40

    Thanks for the highlight mark…we will have to get you into some carp.

  2. Mark / Aug 17 2011 03:04

    No prob, John. BTW, sweet carpin pix over on OFF!

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