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August 19, 2011 / flogginwater

The Adventure (in rod building) Continues

My 11′ rod is coming along real nice – I’ve got all the guides wrapped up (they came in yesterday, and I banged the wraps out this afternoon) and now the only thing left for that rod to be complete is to epoxy the wraps. Waiting for my shipment from Mudhole (epoxy) to do that.

Started work on the mini rod build also – since I received the reel seat in the mail for that rod yesterday as well. It’s a pretty little polished aluminum double locking job with a bright rosewood insert. I got the reel seat epoxied up, now she needs a handle and guides. The guides are on order. The handle is where I’m hitting a problem.

The blank is too thin for standard cork rings. Standard cork is bored out at 1/4 inch. I need cork that is drilled half that. Can’t find it. Can’t find undrilled cork either. I tried turning a grip out on the mini lathe. Grip was super comfy. Problem I ran into? No drill press at the moment. Had to use the hand drill. Did NOT come out straight. Tried fixing it – but still can’t get the grip right. And so until I get the drill press up and running – I’m stuck.

Did I mention I got the wraps done on the big rod? I did. And I did what might be a no-no – I put some reels on the thing and started casting, to see if my non-scientific testing was right. It was – sort of.

The early tests showed it casting a 4 weight line just fine. It does, but not as well as it casts a #5, and the #6 line that felt overpowering before? It’s not – not at all. In fact, I think I *am* going to fish this rod with a #6 line, as I had originally planned. It’s got a slow, sweet action in it’s (almost) finished form that really reminds me of and old school glass rod, or one of the few ‘boo rods I’ve got to play with. Casting it almost makes it look like you’re in slow motion, the line rolls and unrolls with a non-hurried pace, and it’s just a sweet heart to cast. The 54’ short Scientific Anglers lines I’ve been using of late zipped out of the guides with both the #5 and 6 lines. I really like the way this rod is coming along.

So I marked the rod for a 4-6 weight line, and called it good. I hope the epoxy comes soon…

I can’t wait to get both of these rods finished – I hope to get them done before the season ends, and I switch into winter fishing mode (which, for me at least, means lots of self-punishment in the name of Salmon and Steelhead angling, since almost all stream trouting west of the Cascade Mountains is closed in Oregon on November 1. That’s only 2 and a half months away!)

I’m giddy.

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