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August 25, 2011 / flogginwater

Broken Dreams

Its my weekend (Wednesday & Thursday). I’ve been itching to fish for stream trout. I’ve been anticipating fishing with the new rod I made by myself. In that vein I was in the back yard earlier, trying the 4, 5, and 6 weight lines again, trying to settle on the lines I wanted to try on the river tomorrow. I was just about done trying the #5 line when my world shattered, at least for a few minutes. My brand new, never been wet fly rod, with the thread epoxy barely fully cured, snapped just above the 2nd joint.

Oh the foul things I uttered. I literally almost cried. Then I got mad again. I *almost* said to hell with it and begin cutting guides off with the idea of finishing the little rod. Then i came to my senses – as best I can anyway – and calmed myself down. (I’m still all sorts of hurt and upset, mostly at myself for buying an eBay special blank with no warranty and no manufacturer information, and thus no recourse for a poorly built blank).

I dug out an old broken fiberglass spinning rod tip – which surprisingly had an almost identical taper to the broken flyrod section. Using a diamond blade, I cut a section of the fiberglass to fit inside the broken graphite blank. Made up another batch of bonding epoxy, slathered the glass piece in it, and inserted it in the broken section, then gave the outside of the graphite section a good slathering for good measure. Then I wrapped the broken section with winding thread for more good measure, before re-installing the guide where the rod broke. The newly mended piece is now in the curing stage for the epoxy again. I hope this fix lasts – and I hope even more that there are not other weak points in the blank on this rod. I really, really liked the casting action of this rod. Not to mention I spent some hard earned money – which has been tight lately – on this damned thing. There’s no way to recycle the cork or the reel seat from this rod if it breaks again – I used the same type of waterproof epoxy to install them that my dad used when he built the boat I own (which is 24 years old, and the only way to get the parts apart that are glued together would be with a saw). I believe the instructions said that when cured, it takes something like 3500 PSI of force to break the bond. Like I said – if this rod breaks again and I can’t fix it – the nice reel seat and grip are money down the drain, and the only thing I could salvage would be the $1.00 snake guides. Depressing.

I’m still going fishing tomorrow – just taking my Cabela’s rod now instead. Might go after inland trout as well, instead of coastal cutts. Don’t know yet for sure.



  1. e.m.b. / Aug 25 2011 08:08

    Bah! Glad to hear you'll still be getting out though!

  2. Cofisher / Aug 25 2011 20:01

    You might be surprise on what your Frankenrod casts like. I can't wait to hear the report.

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