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August 29, 2011 / flogginwater

Reader Poll Results – George Bush is Your Favored Fishing Partner

19 visitors voted. George Bush was the big winner of the “who would you rather fish with” poll. Dick Cheney – who I honestly thought might pull it out – since he’s well known for his love of fly flinging, and who no doubt has access to some of the most exclusive waters – was almost snubbed with only a single vote. Four of you want to fish with Russia’s most manly-man Premier, shirtless Vladimir Putin. I can only imagine how ya’ll wanted to ride into some tiny Ural mountain stream on horseback, to fish for strange euro-trout with his elite body guards hiding (or maybe not hiding) in the woods, toting enough fire power to take over a small country. And Vlad would probably kill a bear with his bare hands and then serve it for dinner, along with freshly planked trout.

President Obama was in 3rd place with 3 votes. That means you who voted prefer Republicans and Communists over whatever you’d call Mr. Obama. Also strangely enough, Tony Blair only garnered a pair of votes. Who wouldn’t want to fish dry flies on a British chalk stream with Mr. B? Or maybe he’d take you to Scotland, and you could fish teams of wet flies on 12 foot rods for brown trout? No one wanted to fish with the stinky, lecherous Frenchman. Go figure!

Some interesting results for sure. Be sure to vote in the next poll!



  1. Jay / Aug 29 2011 07:08

    Somehow I missed the intriguing poll. Was Jimmy Carter a choice?

  2. Mark / Aug 30 2011 01:07

    Jay, sadly the southern peanut farmer was overlooked in creating that poll. Of course, that's because when I think Carter, I don't think “fishing” – rather, I think of Billy Beer, peanut butter, and cheaply built track housing. I'll include him as a choice in another Presidential Piscatorial Poll down the line.

  3. Jay / Aug 30 2011 07:43

    Despite him being a politically polarizing figure… he is regarded as the finest fly fisher among our Presidents. He even ties (tied- maybe past tense is better) his own flies. When I think about Jimmy Carter… pretty much all I think about is fly fishing. I try to see things/people in as positive a light as possible.

  4. Mark / Aug 30 2011 17:30

    Jay, I'm gonna have to do some digging about Mr. Carter – I honestly never heard of him being a fly fisher. That's pretty cool. I may not care for his politics, but the man most certainly is a great human being as a private citizen. He didn't really strike me as a fly fishing type – I figured if he fished, it was more farm pond bream and bass, or catfish maybe. Now I want to see some of Jimmy's flies, if there's pix… thanks for the info!

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