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August 30, 2011 / flogginwater

Eye Candy + Eye Turkey & Gravey w/ Mashed Potatoes

I finally got around to getting the pictures of my rod builds off the SD card and onto the confuser, so I could post them up here for all to see and snicker, and see what I did wrong, what I did right, etc.

First up, the good pix – the pix of my little stream rod.

As you can see, the wraps aren’t perfect – not even close to perfect – but they work. I did better on fatter portions of the other rod, I think. I did pretty well getting consistent sizes on my wraps though, with this rod.

I suppose the reel seat/grip area would’ve looked a little nicer, had I inlet the cork for the reel seat. I wanted to give my hand a bit more room though, since I was making this grip about an inch shorter than an average factory fly rod.

I purposely left off winding checks on both of these rods – aside from looks, there’s really no function to them. I actually think I did a decent job of getting the thread snug to the cork without making it look wonkey. One of these days I’ll build a rod with a western super-fine style grip, and do a partially-covered grip (where the thread is wound up from the blank onto the nose of the cork).

I also left off hook keepers – I usually wind up using the stripping guide or a mid-section snake as my hook keeper, so I can keep the leader entirely outside the guides when moving from place to place.

Next set of pix is the 11 footer:

First pic, everything looks hunky dory. It did to me too. Then I started examining the guides more closely, and realized it was still broken.

You can also see from some of these pix, the difference between using GOOD wrapping thread, and CHEAP, crappy wrapping thread. I left the cheap crappy stuff on there at two of the ferrules, to see how it’d turn out with flex coat on it. As you can see, it looks like crap. IF the latest repair takes, I’m cutting the ferrule wraps off and re-doing them soon. If it doesn’t take, then it doesn’t matter. The guides will get cut off, and the rest will go in the garbage.

The last couple pix show the broken section. The break is located right under the center of the snake guide.

Right now, that all got cut off and sanded down, and that section now looks like a fat blue-gray collar of an earth worm – as it’s sporting a fiberglass sleeve now.

The last couple pix I’ve got for you today – are some nice eye-candy – my new Okuma Vashon 3/4.

It’s a sweet little reel that matches up great with the Grigg rod. Smooth drag, smooth feel when stripping or winding line, nicely counter balanced spool. Now I want to get out somewhere and get a decently big fish with this rod, so I can give it a real test. Not too many bluegill or 6″ cutthroat take line though – so I’ll need to target bigger fish… Carp fishing? Perhaps. Largemouth fishing with a 3wt? Maybe…

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