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August 31, 2011 / flogginwater

Urban Angling Adventure

My little small stream rod lost it’s virginity today (finally, this was the third date with it!). I hit up a narrow, brush lined stream in town today to properly test the newest addition to the stable. I was excited to fish this stream – it’s usually full of little cutthroats, along with the odd warm water fish – sun fish, bass, carp – and squaw fish (not a fish I’m usually excited about.)

I looked weird, to other park users, gearing up for the day. Slipping into chest waders in the parking lot, with no stream or lake or pond in sight draws odd looks. Even more so from the people who know the creek is there, and wonder why you’d need such a get up (where the little bridges cross the creek, it’s maybe knee deep.)

But even so, I put on my Hodgies, my felt soled boots, and slipped the new Allen chest/waist pack on – foregoing my usual wading belt and using the belt supplied with the pack, along with the shoulder strap. Nice and secure right off the bat, a good sign.

I brought two rods today – my 8′ Grigg (with it’s shiny new Okuma Vashon reel) – and the new baby rod. I rigged up the little rod with a #18 Irresistible Adams, and put a #18 Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear on the Grigg.

Entering the stream, I noticed that someone (okay, God, if you will) littered the stream with timber – a LOT more than the last time I’d fished it (which wasn’t THAT long ago, and we’ve had no big rains, so I don’t know where the hell all the extra wood came from). I waded in and began casting the dry. Nada. After fifteen minutes I broke down and tried the Grigg with it’s little Hare’s Ear. FISH ON. Not a BIG fish at all, in fact, I think it was about as long as my pinky.

It was a start. I headed further down stream, and finally got a fish with the new rod. First fish ever! And on a dry fly!

Okay, so it wasn’t anything to brag about, aside from being a fish. It was a cutie though. Nice little sunfish.

I worked further down stream to a point previously inaccessible because of water level, and fished a little riffle that screamed “trout”. Well, there were no trout at home. But there was another of these guys:

I said “Nerts” and worked further down to a slack pool, where I finally hooked a GOOD fish. A BIG fish. On the dry. On a 6X tippet. The fish jumped, I saw a metallic flash, then as soon as the fish hit the water again, the tippet snapped. I don’t know what kind of fish it was – could’ve been a bass, a trout, or even my first fly-caught carp. Don’t know. Never will.

After trying in vane to get anything else out of the pool, I bagged it and hiked back to the put in, to check on the pond near by. It was low, but very fishable.

I switched to a soft hackle wet on the little rod, and a foam hopper with the Grigg. The soft hackle caught some fish, then I switched up to a dry fly, caught more. The hopper landed some nice little bass, and some chunky panfish. I switched to a #6 Prince Nymph in order to target the bigger bass (I left my bass box at home, had no streamers, no poppers or divers…). Wound up only hooking up with a bluegill on the Prince before switching back to the hopper.

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  1. LOAH / Sep 1 2011 21:23

    Looks like a good day anyway. Where I'm from, not many people think to fish the rivers and creeks through town, but they can be some serious givers!


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