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September 9, 2011 / flogginwater

Goodbye, old friend

Yesterday (Thursday) was a bad day. It was too hot, and 3 rods left my collection. One by choice (sold it) – two by breakage.

I picked up my nephew after he got off work, and we headed to the little warm water pond I’d fished just a week ago. We found the pond lower (it’s not spring or stream fed, so it starts to dry up in hot weather.) I’d brought 3 rods, way too many typically for this pond – but I had a mission. I brought my 11′ me-built 6 weight, to see if it would work at all, and hopefully catch a fish. I also brought my new Echo switch rod, and my typical stand by for this pond – my 8′ Grigg that I line up with a 3 weight.

Tyler caught a number of fish, including a nice little bass. I got skunked. Fish would follow without striking any of my flies. Then my 6 weight 11 footer broke for the third and final time – this time breaking below the previous break. That irritated me, and just made the day worse. We left the pond and headed for a near by stream. I had some takes at the stream – but no hook ups. Ty managed to get another fish.

After fishing, we stopped by the store to grab some groceries I promised the wife I’d pick up. Stupid me – I never bought a rod case for my 8 footer. Up until now, I’d never ‘needed’ one. I’ve always been terribly careful with them. Until last night. It seems that on the ride home, something shifted, and smashed the ferrule end of the tip section of my rod into 4 pieces – a fact I did not discover until this morning, when I pulled the rods out of the car to avoid cooking them in the big heat we’ve been getting.

Sad, disappointed, none of it can be put into words. My little Grigg was by far the favorite rod out of all of the rods I owned, or have owned. It wasn’t terribly expensive, but it wasn’t cheap. I paid a bit over a hundred bucks for it when I bought it – but it’s sentimental value was huge. It’s caught lots of fish, and had lots of adventure. I was crushed – worse than my rod. It was stupid of me NOT to have a rod case for this – or any of my rods. And I tempted fate one too many times.

Now I’m left wondering what I’m going to do to replace this rod – I’ve got a wonderful little Okuma Vashon reel loaded with a #3 double taper line – and no rod with which to match it. I could do the inexpensive but known route – and replace it with a Cabela’s Three Forks 3 weight – I’ve owned one before and that rod too, had been a favorite. Or I could go the route of building a new 3 weight – maybe graphite, maybe glass. Or I could buy another rod in the $100-200 price range. Maybe an Echo Carbon 7’6″ 3 weight, or Cabela’s Stowaway 8’6″ 3 weight, a Cabela’s TQR 7’6″ 3wt, Redington Classic Trout 3 weight, or maybe something else. I’m always open to suggestions. Anyone know of a good 3 weight for under $200?

RIP my friend – you served me well.

NxNW (Grigg) IM008-4 2 piece
2004 – 2011



  1. Cofisher / Sep 9 2011 20:01

    Oh man Mark, that hurts. I just had to sell my once favorite glass rod, a vintage Orvis Fullflex fiberglass. I got my asking price, but you can't replace an old friend.

  2. Jay / Sep 9 2011 22:02

    Sorry to hear about your rod misfortune. I have a little 3 wt that I really like. It's made by Gremlin Fishing, built on an American Tackle Emerald Matrix blank. It's very reasonably priced. I have the two piece 7'6″ but they offer other configurations for the 3 wt. I've been very happy with mine- especially at the price I paid. I got mine on Ebay before they had their own website. Here's a link to the rods on their site:

  3. Mark / Sep 10 2011 00:54

    Thanks guys – and Jay, thanks for the link. Some neat rods Gremlin has, both their house brand, and the others. I also was pleasantly surprised to see their reel selection. I'm really digging the Okuma Vashon I picked up – and haven't found anyone locally that has any more of them (which means I'll have to go to the net to get another one.) I want to pick up one of the 5/6 models when I get the extra coin.

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