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September 14, 2011 / flogginwater

Reader Poll Results – Fly Fishin Beats the Baitin’

Our latest reader poll had a whopping 5 votes (c’mon folks, just look toward the top of the left hand column and vote in the next poll!)

Four fly flingers outfished and outflung the one lure launcher, and no one would admit to being a dirty bait fisherman or a telepath. I will raise my hand and say that I do a bit of all of it (okay, maybe I don’t bend spoons or fish them with my mind)

Please to be voting in our next poll!


One Comment

  1. LOAH / Sep 16 2011 14:15

    I'll fess up! Actually, I'm even worse. I'm the guy getting dirty sneers as I float on my tube, stripping in a meaty streamer on sinking line while dead drifting a nightcrawler off the other side.

    And I have a special kind of telepathy…I've been described as “telepathetic”.

    It's when I try to bend the spoon, but somehow end up with it in my mouth…with some ice cream.

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