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September 14, 2011 / flogginwater


I know I’ve been slacking a bit of late. I neglected the Blogger Spotlight last week, and haven’t put up one this week yet either. I’ve not made a post in about a week. I’m such a damn slacker of late.

I have made a decision though – after wiggling some rods, casting some rods, and researching rods. I’m replacing my broken rods with Cabela’s LSi rods. The 8’6″ 3 weight is an amazing little caster, as are their 5 weights in 8’6″, 9′, and 9’9″.

I was figuring on getting a couple new rods in the $200 range as a treat to myself, but when I started hunting around fly shops, and got a chance to stop in to Cabela’s down in Springfield – I opened the range up a bit – considering maybe a single rod in the $400 range – if I found one I absolutely could not live without. I looked at rods from the cheap – Cabela’s Three Forks ($50 regular price) to the Sage One ($800). I tried to like the Winston Passport – but it felt like a club compared to some of the other rods. Way too tip heavy, and the action was dull. I tried to like Thomas & Thomas’ entry level rod – but it also felt a little off to me. The Sage VXP also did not feel right, although their Vantage felt good. So did the Sage One – but the Sage One is way out of my price range. I tried the Cabela’s L-Tech – which didn’t quite feel right. I tried the Cabela’s CZN – which were good, but I’m looking for shorter rods now. The Cabela’s TQR line up are great little sticks – I was very impressed with the 5′ 2 weight, the 7’6″ 3 and 4 weights,and the 7′ 3 weight. The Cabela’s CGR 6’6″ 4 weight is a MUST HAVE rod on my list now. Have to have one of these before the year is out.

The LSi rods though, rose above all of the rods I’ve tried. The LSi rods just feel RIGHT. Their very light in the hand, lively – even though they’re on the fast side. To CAST these rods is to fall in love with them. The only other rods I’ve cast that came close to the same feel and fun factor were made by G. Loomis and Echo.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that I’m now a fan of the LSi line up. I’m definitely getting the 8’6″ 3 weight – this is a given. Now I’ve got to decide which one of the 5 weight (or maybe even a 6) rods I’m going to get – the 8.5 footer, the 9 footer, or the 9’9″ model. They’re all great rods. I’m leaning toward the 8’6″ right now.

Decisions, decisions…



  1. John Montana / Sep 14 2011 20:45

    No more echo love? They make some fantastic stuff in the 200 range.

  2. Mark / Sep 14 2011 22:18

    I really like the Echo Carbon – but that Cabela's LSi felt and cast better than the Carbon I tried. I don't know who designs their rods, but Cabela's really got it right with their LSi, TQR, and CGR lines.

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