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September 18, 2011 / flogginwater

Ready For Autumn

As much of a fan of summer as I am, this has been a weird year. At first, winter wouldn’t let go. It stayed cold for far too long into “spring” – and it stayed wet. This put a lot of water into the rivers, creeks, and lakes I fish. When spring finally took hold, IT did not want to let go. Once the silt settled from the waters – we were left with beautiful, crystal clear rivers, lakes and streams that were much higher than their normal flows for the year. This wasn’t really a bad thing – I’ll take fishing in clear water over mud any day, even if it does make for some challenging fishing situations. I like sight fishing.

Then came summer – late to the party, and seemingly hung over. It got off to a rough start – it would warm, then get cool. Then warm back up, then cool right off. Much like the crazy ex girlfriend in your past – you know the one. When it’s hot its hot, but when it’s not – well, there’s always a mess to clean up afterward, isn’t there?

Here we are in mid September, which is usually warm. Given the short summer we’ve had, and the weird weather pattern, I’m just physically, emotionally, and psychically ready for fall. 60 degree weather, rain showers, gray skies, golden red leaves – all of it. Of course, fall means some of the last bass fishing of the year for me – and the end of the season can be really great. Trout fishing on most of Oregon’s rivers and streams has 44 days left of the open season. Realistically, that means maybe 3 or 4 more trips for me – if I want to get some bass fishing in before they go into winter mode. And of course, I’ll probably get tempted by fall salmon and the tail end of the summer steelhead season, before Winter Steelhead fishing kicks into high gear around November. That means the fly rods will give way to spinning and casting rods – flies replaced with jigs, plugs, spoons, and even bait. The rivers will run colder, the days will be shorter, and the fishing tougher.

But I’m ready for it.


  1. John Montana / Sep 18 2011 17:58

    No trawl to ditch the fly rods in the winter…just expect a little less success!

    I am torn as well. I want another carp trip, but the weather doesn't want me to have that. Might try to hit the d soon…love that river in the fall. Also eager to they the jetty and ocean beaches.

  2. Mark / Sep 19 2011 00:02

    Oh the fly rods wont entirely be put away – that Switch Rod will probably get taken along on most trips, and if I get really crazy, there *might* be a winter trip to the Deschutes for trout this year. I definitely need to get over to the D sometime in the next month or so – I want to get over there as kind of a memorial to my late brother in law. The D was his favorite river by far – and while I never wound up with his fly rods, I still want to get over there to fish in his memory. He died the day before my birthday – which is a week away.

    I just won't be doing much trouting in the winter – and the bass, panfish & carp almost completely shut down in the cold weather, so no fly rodding for them.

  3. Flyfishermanrichard. / Sep 19 2011 09:03

    Great blog Mark, keep it going.


    Follow if you get time?


  4. Mark / Sep 19 2011 10:26

    Richard, will do. Thanks for the kind word.

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